Paint Technique: Sandstone Finish Instructions

This mottled paint technique adds both depth and texture to a wall. Follow these step-by-step instructions.




paint (base coat: SW7180 Sandscapes; top coat: SW7179 Sandscapes) (Sherwin-Williams)
paint rollers
several 3" paintbrushes
paint trays


1. Apply two coats of the base coat color using a roller, creating zigzag blocks in columns. Once a column is coated, lay the area off with long strokes of the roller to blend it all together. The first layer won't cover completely, which is fine. Allow the paint to dry completely between coats.

2. For the mottled look, use the top coat color and a brush to add a random "X" or cross-hatch pattern. After a small area is cross-hatched, use the same brush to pounce along the edges of the pattern to soften the lines between colors. The pouncing gives the finished wall a blended/mottled appearance without a defined pattern all over the wall.

3. After crosshatching and pouncing for a while, step back to determine if any areas are too dark. The technique will be lost if the darker color covers the entire base coat. If necessary, use another brush and the base coat color to add some of the highlights back as above. Stay light with the touch and placement, and the technique will turn out beautifully.

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