Make a Rosemary Topiary

Add some flair and fragrance to your table with this topiary project.

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Rosemary Topiary

Add some fresh garden fragrance to your tabletop with this DIY topiary.

Gathering the Materials

You will need: rosemary plants / foam core, cardboard lid or other circle for template / utility scissors or pruning shears / pen or fine tip marker / utility or craft knife / zip tie (optional) / ribbon filler for base (we used white dry beans). Choose a circle for your template that will allow you to cut away enough of the foliage to maintain a ball about 5 to 6 inches from the base of the plant.

Making the Guide

Place your circle 5-6 inches from the bottom edge of your foam core. Lay half of the circle on the foam core and half of it off of the foam core. Outline a semi-circle on the foam core with a fine tip marker.

Cutting out the Guide

Use a utility or craft knife to carefully cut out the semi-circle shape.

Gathering the Branches Together

If your branches are spread apart you may wish to gather them together with a zip tie. Do this before you begin trimming.

Trimming the Plant

Insert your new guide into the center of the plant and begin trimming away any greenery that extends beyond the semi-circle. Continue all the way around the plant.

Removing Extra Branches

Remove any pieces that are growing from the base of the plant that do not affect the ball above.

Adding the Ribbon

Attach a length of ribbon about 10 inches long around the base of the ball covering the zip tie if you have used one.

Filling the Base

Fill the base with something to cover the soil such as dry white beans or artificial snow.

Finishing Touches

Turn your topiaries around several times and trim away any greenery that extends beyond the ball shape. Water and maintain as necessary.

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