Living Walls Make Gardening Evergreen

8 ideas for growing your own art.
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Photo By: Photo courtesy of Woolly Pocket

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Woolly Pocket

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Pamela Crawford

Photo By: Photo courtesy of The Grommet

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Uncovet

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Viva Terra

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Viva Terra

Woolly Pocket 12-Pack Planter Kit

With vented shells in lively colors and a self-watering tank, the Woolly Pocket doesn't just create scenery—it makes a statement. Take over a whole wall with a few 12-pack planter kits: It includes a drip kit, drip timer and supply line which is hidden neatly in the design. $399.99;

Woolly Pocket Living Wall Planter

The spouts of watering cans fit easily into the holes of the Woolly Pocket. Plant an herb garden in your kitchen and snip herbs right off the wall. $26.99;

Green Wall

Also perfect for a tabletop planter, this green wall has a port in the top for easy watering and comes in gray and white. $49.99;

Pamela Crawford Living Wall Planter

Beneath the lovely leaves of this living wall planter is a system that holds nine plants in front, six on the side and three on the top edge. $32.95;


The planters in this modern, modular system are attached to the wall plates by large neodymium magnets, so you can detach, water, prune and put it right back on the wall. $175;

Large Grass Wall

Made of wood and preserved grass, Uncovet's large grass wall is, according to their website, "the living wall you've always wanted, but never wanted to maintain." $174.99;

Fern and Moss Wall Art

No watering required: These eco-preserved plants have been "sculpted by nature and arranged by artisans," and come in a range of shapes and sizes. $198-$998;

Living Wall Art

This grouping of three plants—an orchid, airplant and Staghorn fern—are available individually or as a trio, come mounted and just need to be sprayed or watered twice a week. $59 each;

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