How to Install Track Lighting

Add new light to a room without having to add new wiring for each fixture.
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Track lighting can provide a dynamic flair to a room by adding several lights to brighten various areas. Many options are available, including halogen lighting, which provides very bright light from small fixtures. Just be sure not to locate track lighting near combustible materials or in damp areas. Here’s how to install:

Materials and Tools:

track-lighting kit
measuring tape
stud sensor
Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers
circuit tester
wire stripper
wire cutter
drill with Phillips driver bit and ½-inch bit
wire nuts
safety glasses


1. At the breaker box, shut off the power to any circuit you’ll be using.

2. Remove the retaining screws on the existing fixture, and pull it away from the ceiling.

3. Test the circuit to make sure the power is off. Then loosen and remove the wires from the terminal screws on the fixture.

4. Connect the wires from the adapter to the wires from the ceiling. Connect the green wire from the adapter to the ground wire from the ceiling. Then connect the white wires together and the black wires together. Secure the connections with wire nuts.

5. Attach the track-light adapter plate to the existing junction box with the screws provided.

6. Position the track so that it’s centered over the area you want to light, and mark the locations of the mounting holes. You can join two or more pieces of track together with a track coupler. Remove the end cap from one of the tracks, and slide the coupler in. Slide the other end of the coupler onto another piece of track, and tighten the mounting screws on the coupler.

7. Drill pilot holes at the marks, and attach the track to the ceiling with toggle bolts.

8. Snap the adapter into the track to provide power to the track leads. Then attach the cover plate.

9. Install bulbs in each fixture, and then install the fixtures in the track. Turn on the power at the circuit breaker box and test the lights.

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