How to Create Indian-Inspired Wooden Ceiling Art

Add interest to a plain ceiling with wooden artwork.


The inspiration for this ceiling fixture is a small, carved wooden box made in India.

Materials and Tools:

nail gun
wood bit
jig saw
1/2-inch piece of plywood
a pot or bowl the size you want your circles
wood glue


1. Determine the spacing and number of circles you want on your ceiling art. Start in the center of the board then move out.

2. Using a pencil and a T-square, mark a border around the inside of the plywood.


3. Inside the border, trace around the pot to outline your circles.


4. Circles on the outer edges will be cut off at the border. The border allows a flat edge in which molding can be laid.

5. Using the drill, puncture holes through each circle that line up perfectly with the interior of each circle.

6. Cut out the remainder of the circle using the jigsaw. Repeat with all circles.


7. Cut molding to size and miter the corners at a 45-degree angle. Fasten molding to the around the inside border and around the outer edge of the plywood using wood glue and nails.

8. Stain the entire piece of art brushing on stain and wiping it clean with rags. Be sure to apply in the direction of the wood grain.

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