"Grow" an Anemone Tree

This colorful, airy spiral bouquet makes a lovely centerpiece on a circular hall or dining room table, or on a mantelpiece or chest of drawers.
Colorful Anemone Tree Made with Colorful Blooms

Colorful Anemone Tree Made with Colorful Blooms

Photo by: DK - Fresh Flower Arranging © 2011 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - Fresh Flower Arranging, 2011 Dorling Kindersley Limited

With their richly colored papery petals, anemones almost look as though they are made out of tissue paper, which helps to give a light, delicate edge to this strong design. The anemones will last for five days if you keep the foam moist.


Flowers and Foliage
50 mixed anemones

Other Materials
opaque flared vase (6 inches high)
florist's scissors
1 block floral foam
craft knife

Possible Substitutions
Mixed spray roses

Elements of a Floral Centerpiece

Elements of a Floral Centerpiece

Photo by: DK - Fresh Flower Arranging © 2011 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - Fresh Flower Arranging, 2011 Dorling Kindersley Limited

How to Arrange

1. Sort the different-colored anemones into separate piles. Hold an anemone in one hand at the binding point and add one of each color to it, turning the bunch around slightly in the same direction as you work. Arrange the last flowers at a lower angle around the edges to create a domed effect.

2. Use a length of ribbon that complements the colors of the flowers to tie the arrangement securely. Cut the stems the same length to give an even base.

3. Pack a piece of cellophane or a similar material into the base of the vase to give the anemone stems added height. Place the arrangement in the center of the vase and insert squares of soaked floral foam around the edges of the vase to wedge the stems in place and keep them upright. The top of the foam should sit 1 inch below the rim of the vase. Top the vase up with water and hide the foam with a layer of moss.

Insider Tips:

- If moss is difficult to find, cover the pieces of floral foam with mixed, colored gravel or shiny black pebbles.

- The anemones will open up and grow a little over time. Although this may make the arrangement a little uneven, it will also add interest and movement to the design.

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