Designs for Felines: 12 Cool Cat Houses

My Cat From Hell 's Jackson Galaxy teamed up with some of L.A.'s best architects to show off cutting-edge cat houses and raise money for a good cause. Take a peek at these amazing feline-friendly designs.
By: Lisa Johnson Mandell
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Photo By: Grey Crawford

Kitty High Rise by HOK

This kitty high rise by global design firm HOK was the "Fan Favorite" of the Giving Shelter Event held to benefit FixNation, a non-profit organization operating the only free, full-time spay/neuter clinic in Los Angeles for stray and feral cats. Note the cat grass and carpeted surfaces for scratching.

Up on the Roof by Space Int'l

Both you and your kitty can be sitting pretty on this bench/cat shelter by Space Int'l. With turf on the the floor and ceiling, elastic strings making up the exterior walls, and pillars of jute, your feline friend can be occupied for hours while you relax up on the roof.

Sculptural Cat Shelter by Perkins and Will

Some of the cat shelters, like this one by Perkins and Will architects, could easily double as works of art — it could be mistaken for a sculpture.

Redwood Bench by Abramson Teiger Architects

Douglas Teiger of Abramson Teiger Architects used leftover siding from his house to create this elegant outdoor cedar bench with cat crawl spaces underneath. He and his son Jared were on hand to share how much their cats, as well as their two-footed family members, love the design.

Color Tubes by NAC Architecture

These colorful cat tubes plastered with what looked like paint chips on the outside, and carpeted on the inside, were among our favorites. It appears the kittens like them too.

Muliti-Level Modern by RNL

Faux turf balconies may not be much appreciated in apartments for people, but they're ideal for cats. This cat shelter by RNL architects gives kitty plenty of places to paw, perch and scratch.

Sculptural Cat Toy by DSH Architecture

We confess we can't see kitty lounging on this sculptural cat structure, but the blue laces are stretchy enough to provide hours of entertainment for feline friends.

Rainbow Hued Habitat by Wolcott Architecture

Architect Tara Donnelly of Wolcott Architecture created a series of colorful cat cubes with plenty of compartments and climbing space. Does her own fluffy little tabby (or any other cat) appreciate the colors? Donnelly said she’d researched the subject and found out that while not technically color blind, cats see certain colors and contrasts better than others, so she painted her house accordingly.

Architectural Cat Structure by Lehrer Architects

There are myriad navigation options on this modern architectural cat structure made of metal from the designers at Lehrer Architects.

Fish Bench by DesignFormation Association + Edgar Arceneaux

This cat shelter made of wood is reminiscent of a fish, every kitty's favorite. It also doubles as a bench for humans.

Concrete Cat Condo by Standard Architecture Design

This concrete cat condo by Standard Architecture Design was another crowd (and kitty) favorite. It has a pop-up porch that doubles as a sunning surface.

Concrete Cat Condo, Back View, by Standard Architecture Design

So much more than just a concrete box, this cat condo by Standard Architecture Design allows kitty to peek out the back.

Great Crate Cat Creation by d3 architecture

Looking as if it was constructed from colorful crates, this multi-level structure offers plenty of openings for cats to bat at anything that lurks below.

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