Create a Border With a Grass Cloth Wall

Hang a grass cloth wall in a pattern to create a unique border in your home.
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Materials and Tools:

grass cloth (Imperial)
measuring tape
wallpaper paste
wallpaper paste brush
large level
seam roller


Note: Instead of taking the grass cloth from the floor to the ceiling, start at the top with a band of squares and triangles mounted on an angle to create a diamond pattern. One full row surrounded by two half rows make up the 25-inch band across the top of the featured wall. Be sure to choose the least conspicuous corner for the diamond patterns to meet as they will most likely not match. From there, add regular vertical strips of grass cloth to complete the walls.

1. To create the diamonds, cut the grass cloth in half lengthwise to be as frugal with the paper as possible. Then measure the halves to see how wide they are and use that same dimension to mark and cut out squares in the other direction. Once there are about a dozen squares, cut a portion of them in half diagonally (always cut the squares on the same diagonal).
2. To figure out the direction of the grass cloth on the full diamond, lay a couple of the half diamonds in position on a table and notice the direction of the grass cloth. The full diamond will need to be placed on the wall with the grass cloth going in the opposite direction.
3. Find the center of the wall using a measuring tape, and then use a long level to draw a straight and level vertical line. Add a heavy-duty wallpaper paste to the back of one of the full diamonds. Take it to the center of the wall and line up opposite diagonal points on the vertical pencil line, with the top point just touching the ceiling. Make sure the grass is going in the correct direction, and then press it into place and gently wipe off any glue on the edges.
4. Use a seam roller to press the edges down without disturbing the delicate grasses. Add four half diamonds all around the center one, butting the edges and checking that the grass is going in the opposite direction as the center diamond.
5. Once the diamond band is complete around the top of the walls, center a full panel of grass cloth on the main wall. Continue the rest of the way around the room to complete the wallpapering process. 
6. Once dry, cover the horizontal seams with molding.

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