Beautify Your Babyproofing

Try these smart ideas for how to store, disguise or otherwise dress up common baby and kid items that are practical, but not always pretty.

Photo By: Photography by Thayer Allyson Gowdy. ©Excerpted from Petit Collage (Potter Craft) by Lorena Siminovich, copyright 2014.

Photo By: Photography by Thayer Allyson Gowdy. ©Excerpted from Petit Collage (Potter Craft) by Lorena Siminovich, copyright 2014.

Stepped-Up Step Stool

If your little one likes to play assistant chef or needs help reaching the bathroom sink to brush their teeth, make this handy kids' step stool for a pretty and practical addition to your home.

Decoupage It

"For high chairs, a simple wooden one can be decoupaged with the steps [used for the stool] from our book. (Actually, now I feel like doing that!)" -Lorena Siminovich of Petit Collage

Baby Gate, Beautified

Add stylish safety and separation to door openings, hallways or staircases with a child and baby gate inspired by iconic artist Piet Mondrian. Mod not your style? Take this tip from Siminovich: "Oh, baby gates! The necessary evil! I do like to hack items with Plexiglass for protection — looks better than that meshy plastic."

Plexiglass Panels

Add Plexiglass to stair railings for a babyproofing boost. Siminovich says, "As for babyproofing, I was super mellow. We did add some Plexiglass in the bottom of stair railings, but that was about it. There is a parenting style for everyone and luckily we had a cautious child, so no injuries to report!" You can even add extra Plexi to stair risers, as seen here, to perk up the space and add another layer of defense against ugly shoe marks and other scuffs.

Clear Protection

(Clear acrylic panels are also surprisingly handy for protecting furniture from kids' markers, water rings and other boo-boos, as seen on this chalkboard side table.)

Extra-Safe Artwork

Your walls don't need to be bare. This art was affixed with studs and a French cleat, which means it can't be pried or knocked off of the wall by tiny hands.

A Gorgeous Glider

It's great to have a rocking chair to lull your little one to sleep, but they can be lacking in the looks department. Try something more stylish and sophisticated like the Cohen Glider from Oilo Studio. Once your baby is a big kid, the glider works just as well in the living room as it does in the nursery.

Chest as Changing Table

Why go with a basic changing table when you could make a gorgeous chest or console do double-duty? You can tuck the pad and all the changing supplies inside the cabinets and display decorative accessories on the surface when it's not being used.

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