A Multipurpose Room that’s Short on Space, Big on Style

Bold style, functionality and character mask this bonus room's lack of square footage.

Pocket Doors Fully Open, Leading to Multipurpose Family Room

Located just off of the home's family room, this multipurpose room can be used as a secondary living space, lounge or private office thanks to its historic pocket doors.

Pocket Doors Open Into Family Room

Often found in historic bungalows and Craftsman-style homes, pocket doors take up less space than inward- or outward-swinging doors. Pocket doors are created by framing the inside of walls with enough hollow space to accommodate a track that allows the door to slide inside of the wall when opened.

Multipurpose Family Room With Desk and Sitting Area

While limited in space, this multipurpose room feels large and layered thanks to a careful selection of double-duty furniture, mixed patterns and airy hues.

Multipurpose Family Room With Coffee Table and Chandelier

While limited in space, this multipurpose room feels large and layered thanks to a careful selection of double-duty furniture, mixed patterns and airy hues.

Painted Ceiling of Family Room, Seen Through Pocket Doors

An excellent way to make a smaller space feel slightly larger is to paint its walls and ceiling the same muted color. The continuous color blurs the lines between where the walls end and the ceiling begins, making the room feel taller.

Use Oversized Statement Artwork Instead of Smaller Pieces

When space is at a premium, consider going big with a single piece of art instead of grouping lots of small pieces together. Here, an oversized, mixed media piece by Courtney J. Garrett adds graphic impact to the wall yet stays proportionately in check with the room's furnishings.

Sturdy Zinc Tabletop With Nailhead Trim

If you're in need of heavy-duty furniture with a chic look, zinc-topped tables and desks may be the perfect fit. This versatile Parsons table can be used as an extra serving space or impromptu work station. The metal top can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

Tall Greenery in Front of Sofa

When decorating coffee tables or occasional tables in extra tall spaces, long floral arrangements can help fill the vertical space. Bells of Ireland are readily available, pack a nice punch of green and also last up to two weeks inside of a vessel.

Desk Space in Blue-Themed Multipurpose Room

If your multipurpose space is used by adults and kids, consider upholstery fabrics that will help mask accidents and spills. Medium gray tones pair well together and are an excellent alternative to beige or tan.

Living Room With Blue and White Patterned Curtains, White Trim

Here's a tip for choosing trim colors to hide or accentuate millwork: If your home has basic, contractor-grade baseboards and crown molding, you can help them recede by painting them the same color as your walls. If you have custom or historic millwork, painting it ultra-white will draw the eye toward it, turning the millwork into one of the space's standout features.

Easel in Home Office Space

When space is at a premium and you want a dedicated space for crafting, consider pairing an easel with multipurpose seating. This room is fully equipped with a spot to paint canvases thanks to a collapsible wooden easel and a trio of metallic garden stools.

Iron Chandelier With Leather Straps Is Versatile Light Fixture

Installing light fixtures that are too current or trendy can jeopardize the charm of an older space. Instead, create timeless lighting by choosing fixtures that are classic in styling and materials. This iron chandelier with leather straps is traditional, but it could also blend with modern and traditional-style decor.

Comfy Striped French Chairs in Multipurpose Family Room

If your multipurpose room doesn't allow for a sectional sofa, try pairing a three-seater with a pair of comfy armchairs. To keep the overall look from becoming disjointed, look for armchairs that are no more than three inches taller or shorter than the back of the sofa. Keeping one consistent height among the seating elements adds balance.

Durable Blue Indoor-Outdoor Rug With Coffee Table

Homeowners with active kids and pets don't have to sacrifice style for substance. Indoor-outdoor accessories are a great way to create an inviting space that can withstand busy hands, feet and paws. The area rug of this multipurpose room is engineered to withstand stains and moisture, and it's also UV-resistant. Though it’s designed for outdoor use, it has the look and feel of a high-end indoor rug.

Striped French Armchairs With Feminine Lines

Adding a mix of feminine and masculine lines can help create a gender-neutral space. While the tailored sofa in this room is laced with an air of masculinity, the light French armchairs add a feminine touch.

Blue and White Floral Pattern Curtains

These blue-and-white floral curtains can help spice up a room.

Gray Upholstered Wooden Chair at Desk in Home Office

This gray upholstered wooden chair blends in well with its muted blue surroundings.

White Door With Detailed Molding and Glass Knob

This white door exudes a sense of timelessness with its basic style and glass doorknob.

Desk Area and Greenery in Blue-Themed Multipurpose Room

This blue-gray multipurpose office space features a desk area with gray upholstered wooden chair, coffee table with greenery in a vase, and patterned blue-and-white curtains.

Collection of Photos on Gray Table

Groups of framed photos can act as a focal point in a room.

Gray Upholstered Seat With Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim can be used to give a "finished" look to upholstered furniture.

Patterned Throw Pillows on Gray Sofa

Patterned throw pillows add visual interest to a gray sofa.