7 Outstanding Plant Stands

Plants are beautiful on their own, but these super stands take them to the next level.

Branching Out

A little bird told us you'd love this three-tiered planter with a steel frame made to look like branches. $74.95 at gardeners.com.

Industrial Chic

Take your plants to a new level with CB2's set of industrial planters made from galvanized steel and iron with a black powdercoat finish. $59.95-$89.95 at cb2.com.

Home Run

This triple square planter has lots of great angles, making it eye-catching no matter what plants you put on top. It also has a dark bronze cast and two levels for display, plus saucers to ensure water stays in the plants and off the floor. $52.73 at homedepot.com.

Take the A-Frame

The galvanized metal shelf liners on this wooden A-frame plant stand add an edgy look while protecting floors from damage. $115 at gardeners.com.

Top of the Pots

Elevate your echeveria and add sharp architectural edges to any room with this angled plant stand, made of steel rods and mesh. $129 at cb2.com.

Distress Test

Sink your money into this plant stand made from a 1930s porcelain basin supported by a distressed green metal frame. $189.95 at williams-sonoma.com.

Feather Your Nest

Step up your plant displays with this nesting plant stand trio made from lightweight black steel. $179 at gardeners.com.

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