5 Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Tips

Designer Erinn Valencich shares simple tips for updating light fixtures around the house and creating a more luminous and beautiful home both inside and out.

Keep It Soft

For an enjoyable bathroom retreat, designer Erinn Valencich suggests using ultra-soft lighting for the most appeal. Small wrought-iron wall sconces provide warm accent lighting around the mirrors, while a simple hanging pendant takes the place of harsh recessed lighting. Design by Gail Drury
From: Drury Design

Add a Colorful Accent

To keep a white room from looking bland, Erinn says to add colorful light fixtures for a subtle pop of color, like these metallic gold bedside lamps. The gold tones are a perfect accompaniment to hot pink bed linens, while giving a burst of color to the crisp, white nightstands. Design by Andreea Avram Rusu

Don't Forget the Ceiling

To brighten a room in a unique way, Erinn says to add a coat of shiny metallic paint to the ceiling. The paint reflects the recessed lighting in this elegant kitchen to create a dramatic look that isn't costly or time-consuming to put together. Design by Dave Stimmel
From: Dave Stimmel

Take It Outside

Just like interior rooms, yards and patios need comfortable furniture and great lighting, Erinn says. A combination of accent and garden lighting showcases the natural landscaping and soothing poolside stream. The subtle lighting from the fireplace and candle alcoves helps to create a warm and inviting outdoor space. Design by Chad Robert
From: Chad Robert

Create a Well-Lit Welcoming

An etched glass pendant is the perfect piece to illuminate the foyer, and an eye-catching candle vignette adds a soft glow to the entry table. Tip: To determine the correct size for a fixture, Erinn suggests adding together the length and width of your room. The result in feet will be the fixture size in inches.

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