10 Best Vase-Worthy Spring Flowers

Nothing brightens a room quite like fresh-cut flowers. Revitalize your home for spring with our most beautiful vase-worthy picks for the season.

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Above all other flowers, tulips are the most iconic spring flower. The key to long-lasting cut tulips is choosing those in the bud stage, especially since the blooms are sure to take shape only hours after being placed in a vase. Make your own floral preservative for tulips with two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar and one-half teaspoon of household bleach. This homemade solution will prevent bacteria from growing, giving your blooms at least 10 days in a vase.


Ranunculuses come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, orange and pink. Once cut, ranunculuses continue to bloom and can last up to a week in a vase. It's best to place them in vases with extra room around the top to account for additional blooms.


Hydrangeas are delicate blooms that add an instant touch of whimsy to a room. To extend their vase life, remove all the leaves from the stems, and cut each stem under water. Hydrangeas have woody stems, so make water absorption easier by poking a few holes into the stem with a sewing needle. Re-cut the stems and change the water every two to three days. On average, fresh-cut hydrangeas will last four to seven days.

Blue Irises

Blue irises have short life spans once cut, so it's best to choose bunches in the bud stage. Once the irises are cut and placed in a vase, their blooms will quickly take shape. Keep fresh-cut irises out of direct sunlight and make sure the vase is full of water each day. To extend their vase life, add a preservative solution to the water every three days.

Spray Roses

Spray roses are the most common member of the rose family. They're characterized by their buds found on tiny stems branching off a larger stem. Like most types of roses, spray roses can last up to two weeks once cut.

Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are known for their high-contrast magenta and white coloring. When adding these cut flowers to a vase, they can last up to 12 days. Be aware of the orange pollen that falls from their anthers when placing cut lilies on delicate surfaces. To avoid stains on clothes, carpet or upholstery, place a vase of lilies on a tray before displaying them.


Carnations are one of the most popular spring flowers. They're also one of the most enduring cut flowers, known for living up to two weeks with proper care. To keep carnations healthy, cut the tips of their stems every three days under water. When cut under water, an air bubble will instantly form on the stem, creating better absorption.


Due to their feminine shape and bold hues, pink anemones are a popular choice for spring wedding arrangements. Cut anemones will last between three and five days in a vase if given proper care. Choose vases with plenty of extra space inside to allow for stems that will continue to grow after being cut.

Gerbera Daisies

The casual style of Gerbera daisies makes them a perfect fit for the cheery feeling of springtime. Available in almost every color, Gerbera daisies can make any space feel more carefree and youthful. Extend the life of these flowers by cutting their tips at an angle when they become soggy and discolored. On average, they should last about a week in a vase.

Dianthus 'Green Trick'

Dianthus 'Green Trick' is a form of sweet William with vibrant green pompom heads. To extend the vase life of these non-flowering varieties, remove any foliage below the water line which may cause quick deterioration. With proper care, these lush blooms can last up to 15 days once cut.

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