10 Spring Color Palettes to Inspire Your Decor

Spring is all about nature-inspired hues, from grass green to lavender. Let the season's hottest color palettes inspire your home's decor.

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Acid Green + White

Acid green and white is a super-clean and super-saturated combination that's just as fit for spring as it is the rest of the year. Acid greens are characterized by intense yellow undertones that require strong use of neutrals for toning down. Creams and beiges tend to make the green seem a little muddy, but the stark contrast of ultra-white helps the values of acid green read more clearly.

Lavender, Violet + Green

If youre looking for a lilac vibe but with a more layered look, consider using lavender mixed with green and violet. The softness of the lavender makes it read more like a neutral. When lavender is paired with the royal richness of violet, their blue undertones spring to life. Adding green to the mix creates a classic springtime touch.

Spring Green + Gold

Spring green and gold strike the perfect balance of glamour and whimsy. Often paired with deeper shades of green, like emerald or olive, gold takes on a fresh approach when paired with celery tones.

Sherbet Tones

Ever thought of using ice-cream hues for decorating inspiration? The timeless combination of mint green, sherbet orange and white is certain to never go out of style. For best results, choose a shade of mint that falls into the seafoam family to ensure the color reads more green than blue or aqua.

Blush + Coral

Blush and coral are a popular choice for interiors and event design worldwide. This tone-on-tone approach is subtle in contrast, yet fresh, young and fun in its saturation. If you're looking to add a gender-neutral spin on the combo, try adding robin's-egg blue or spice it up with navy.

Yellow, Tangerine + Gold

Try a warmer, sunny approach to springtime decorating by pairing bright tangerine with canary yellow and gold. The richness of the gold will act as a neutralizer between the two hues.

Salmon + White

Salmon, best described as a cross between pink and orange, doesn't always play well with other hues. Keep it simple by pairing salmon with crisp white to let this pink hue take center stage.

Grass Green + Hot Pink

Muted greens and pinks have been a go-to combination for girls' rooms for years. Take this classic combination to the next level by increasing the saturation and trying a more sophisticated approach — grass green and hot pink. To tone the combination down a few notches, throw a sand tone into the mix.

Yellow, Mint + Orange

Although this color combination is often a trademark of summer, give it instant springtime appeal by throwing in accents of mint green or seafoam.

Hot Pink, Salmon + White

Looking for a high-energy, tone-on-tone look? Consider hot pink, salmon and white. Together, hot pink and salmon seem very similar; however, once separated by white, the colors' distinctive differences come to life.

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