Neutral Rooms That Wow

Beige needn't be bland. Three designers share their expert tips for creating neutral interiors that are relaxing, subtle and sophisticated.
By: Jeanine Hays

From paint colors to furnishings, neutral rooms are anything but boring. These rooms by top interior designers showcase the beauty of neutral spaces. Designers Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry of Pulp Design Studios, Vanessa DeLeon and Sandra Espinet give their tips on creating neutral interiors that really wow. Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios, photographer: Kevin Dotolo

Don't Be Afraid to Go Gray

Gray is a go-to neutral for interior designers. "My favorite neutral without a doubt is gray. You can go either cool or warm with it and can contrast any color against it," says Beth Dotolo, Pulp Design Studios. Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios, photographer: Kevin Dotolo

Add Excitement With Texture

A serene paint palette can be brought to life with a mixture of texture and metallic finishes. Beth's tip: Play with texture and shimmer in order to create excitement in a neutral space. Image courtesy of Pulp Design Studios, photographer: Kevin Dotolo

Pump Up Neutral Hues

To avoid a monochromatic color scheme, designer Vanessa Deleon advises bumping the color of your wall up or down one shade on the color wheel to create a 3-D effect. "On a wall, use a lighter color on top and a darker color on the bottom. The two shades maintain the neutral palette and create contrast." Image courtesy of Vanessa DeLeon Associates, photographer: Steven Michael Garey Photography

Accessorize With Metallics

Every room needs a little bit of bling. By using unique finishes like tile, or wallpaper infused with textured beading, neutral shades can feel very glamorous. Vanessa's tip: Bring in bits of color with gold leafing, copper and gold. Image courtesy of Vanessa DeLeon Associates, photographer: Steven Michael Garey Photography

Find Natural Inspiration

Though nature boasts dramatic shades of every color, the environment's neutral hues can also inspire. Create rooms with a natural and sophisticated feel by blending subtle shades of cream and brown. Image courtesy of Sandra Espinet.

Layer It On

"Different combinations of fabrics are very important if you are going to go all neutral in a room. A textured rug, silk pillows, even in the same cream tone, will look different. Mixing the same color in different textures creates a unique feel," says Sandra Espinet. Image courtesy of Sandra Espinet

Highlight the Details

A neutral is the perfect backdrop for all the special details in your space — whether an art collection or pieces from world travels. Sandra's tip: Accessories and furnishings can speak volumes. A backdrop that is neutral helps those pieces stand out. Image courtesy of Sandra Espinet

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