Fall Color Trends

Steal autumn decorating ideas from Pantone's Fall 2010 color report.
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The lettuce-green bed pillow and settee provide a near-neutral backdrop for yellow, peach and burgundy accents.

Golden Glow

Reminiscent of fall's golden leaves, golden glow is a deep, saturated shade of yellow. It pairs well with grey and bright blue.

Living Coral

Like blush to the cheek, living coral warms this dining room. White-and-gold place settings and the table's rich wood tones put this feminine color in the spotlight.

Lipstick Red

Sassy or sweet, lipstick red has the ability to add vibrancy to a room. For a fall decorating idea, add a red-infused quilt and it pair it with brass and blue accessories.

Purple Orchid

Not a typical autumn decorating color, purple orchid is meant to stand out. This sophisticated color will grow with the little girl to whom this bedroom belongs.

Chocolate Truffle

The combination of warm brown, orange and yellow pillows with cool blue walls shows the flexibility of decorating with the deep plum of chocolate truffle.


Tropical in title and hue, lagoon is this fall's new turquoise. Remember this color when decorating with bright oranges and greens.


The sink in this masculine bathroom exemplifies woodbine. The color of fall grass, woodbine pairs well with orange and charcoal.

Oyster Gray

A classic neutral, oyster gray adds an airy quality new to the darker grays we're accustomed to. Decorating with this color gives a stable base to deep red, bright yellow and aqua.

Rose Dust

This rose-dust wallpaper is elegant behind the crisp, white mantel. It pairs well with tan, brown and white, but would also work with a pop of bright red.

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