Checklists: From Daily Do-Its to Routine Chores

Whether it’s daily lists of routine chores or more long-term tasks, checklists pin down buzzing thoughts and put them on paper, where they’re easy to convert into action.
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Get It All Done With Extra Time To Spare

Daily Do-It checklists are your personal road map out of the aimless disorder of an unplanned day.

Photo by: DK - House Works ©2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

DK - House Works, 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Daily Do-It checklists are your personal road map out of the aimless disorder of an unplanned day.

Daily Do-Its

Do you plan your day? Or does each morning dawn in a whole new world and go downhill from there? We all have days that slip through our fingers without a plan. Perhaps the alarm clock fails to wake us. Frustration and aggravation mount as we slide from one crisis to the next. Forgotten appointments. Nothing for dinner. Without a road map for the day, the smallest distractions will lead you off the path of order and into the quicksand of delay and disorganization.

The cure? Daily Do-Its, simple morning and evening checklists designed get the family up and out, and cover the routine needs of daily life. Meals. Clean clothing. The morning exodus to work and school. Do-Its won’t deep-clean your house, redecorate the living room, or clean out the garage for you, but they will cover the basics and keep the household running smoothly.

To create Daily Do-It checklists, divide a sheet of paper into two columns, one for morning, one for evening. Next, list the simple chores needed to get out the door, cover meals and provide clean clothing. Slip the Do-It list into your Household Notebook, inside a plastic page protector for easy reference.

Morning Do-It Checklist

In the morning, focus on the day ahead. List reminders to check your calendar so you won’t be surprised by unexpected meetings or missed appointments. Include personal care tasks such as exercise, complexion care and grooming. Caring for yourself first just makes sense and for most of us, self-care won’t stand a chance unless it’s at the top of the list! Add early-morning chores related to meals and laundry, and resolve to clear the kitchen counters before you leave the house. You’ll thank yourself come day’s end.

Evening Do-It Checklist

Do-Its in the evening wrap up the day and prepare for the morrow. In the kitchen, clean up from the evening meal and set the stage for the next morning. Think ahead! Prepare what you need for the morning’s coffee or tea, make lunches and set the table for breakfast. Avoid last-minute clothing crises by planning the next day’s outfits. At the end of the day, list personal chores that will tuck you into a peaceful night’s sleep: complexion care, prayer or meditation, or reading. Last on the list, remind yourself to take a quick look at the next day’s schedule.

Daily Do-It checklists are your personal road map out of the aimless disorder of an unplanned day. Morning and evening, they’ll remind you to do those basic, necessary minimums that keep life humming along.

Daily Do-Its Checklists

Build your own checklists for planning success; these lists should get you started:

Sample Morning Do-It Checklist:
-Check the day’s calendar and checklist
-Shower and complexion care
-Make bed
-Read e-mail
-Wake children and make breakfast
-Run one load of washing
-Fold one load of drying
-Place breakfast dishes in dishwasher
-Clear kitchen counters

Sample Evening Do-It Checklist:
-Empty dishwasher and set table for breakfast
-Set up programmable coffee or tea makers for morning beverages
-Make lunches for next day
-Empty kitchen trash can and clear counters
-Select the next day’s clothing
-Pray or meditate
-Complexion care
-Review next day’s calendar and checklists

Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Planning Checklists

If Daily Do-Its keep each day running smoothly, weekly, monthly, and seasonal checklists get the big jobs done. What’s on the checklist? Everything! From scheduled cleaning chores to menu planning to volunteer work. If you have to do it routinely, it belongs on your checklist.

Like the Daily Do-It, file your weekly, monthly and seasonal checklists in plastic page protectors in your Household Notebook. Each week, month and season, check the appropriate checklist to stay on-task and organized.

Use the sample checklists below, as a guide to create your own checklists for routine chores to be done each week, month, and season.

Checklists for the Long Term

Long-term checklists for weekly and seasonal chores are home to recurring to-do list items. Check your Master To-Do list to compile your household’s checklists.

Weekly Checklist:
-Review calendar for the upcoming week
-Check Master To-Do list and add items to the running To-Do list
-Plan weekly menus
-Clip coupons
-Pay bills
-Shop for groceries
-Run errands: visit the cleaners, the bank, the photo developers

Monthly Checklist:
-Review calendar for the upcoming month
-Check Master To-Do list and add items to the running To-Do list
-Balance checkbook
-Check pantry and freezer inventories; rotate foods
-Change air conditioning or furnace filters

Seasonal Checklist:
-Review calendar for the upcoming season
-Check Master To-Do list and add items to the running To-Do list
-Make medical appointments
-Change out seasonal clothing and review family clothing needs
-Note vacation or travel plans and make travel arrangements, if needed
-Arrange for air conditioning, furnace maintenance
-Check smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors

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