Tour William Moore's Home Near Atlanta

The Atlanta Falcons star's luxurious Snellville residence features an indoor pool, a huge sneaker closet and a game room stocked with sports memorabilia. Take a look inside.
By: Holly Aguirre
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Photo By: Kaylinn Gilstrap

Photo By: Kaylinn Gilstrap

Photo By: Kaylinn Gilstrap

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Photo By: Kaylinn Gilstrap

Photo By: Kaylinn Gilstrap

Photo By: Kaylinn Gilstrap

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Photo By: Kaylinn Gilstrap

At Home With William Moore

A self-proclaimed homebody, NFL player William Moore wasn’t in a rush when it came to finding the perfect place to call home. The Falcons star shopped around until he found a foreclosure with just about everything he was looking for: two kitchens, an indoor pool and a grand entryway. William gave a tour of his residence, located about a half hour northeast of Atlanta.

Game Room

“The game room is one of my favorite rooms in the house,” William says. “This is where my buddies and I hang.”

Sports Mementoes

Helmets, jerseys, personalized artwork and other sports memorabilia are on display throughout the game room. “My jerseys are an important element in this room because of why I wear the number 25,” William says. “I wear it for my Missouri teammate Aaron O’Neal, who died in practice.”

Personal Heroes

William’s favorite actors also get a prominent spot in the game room. “I love the Rat Pack,” he says. “Although I am really a homebody, when I step out I like to do it in style like those guys did.”

More Keepsakes

Another view of the sports memorabilia showcased in William’s game room.

Eye-Catching Lighting

The light fixtures are one of William’s favorite things about the home. “The colors in this house were very monotone when I bought it. It seemed like there was a lot of brown, so I changed out some of the light fixtures and it added some pop, a little bling,” he says. “I know some people might think they are a bit overwhelming, but I like them.’

Master Suite

Hardwood floors, a four-poster bed and a leather chaise longue give the master bedroom a luxe look. William says a good mattress and bedding are two must-haves for his home. “Those are things that are going to affect how I rest and how my body feels the next day,” he says.

Custom Closet

William’s impressive sneaker collection is on display in this large shoe closet with a personalized floor.

Living Room

A unique sculpture is the centerpiece of the living room. “My girlfriend, Brittni, and I went shopping for furniture, and some of the prices were just outrageous,” William says. “So, we shopped around and found a lot of the same items just down the road for much cheaper.”

Home Theater

“We spend a lot of time in here and I absolutely love it,” William says of his home theater. “I could spend a whole day watching movies. I had a professional sound guy come out here and wire everything so it is top-notch.”

Personalized Seating

A closer look at the chairs in the home theater reveals the Atlanta Falcons emblem printed on the side. “That was my personal touch,” William says.

Indoor Pool

One of the most impressive features of William’s home is the indoor swimming pool, complete with waterfalls, a spa and a basketball hoop. “I told my real estate agent that I really wanted an indoor pool. That was number one on the list. He searched high and low, and then I found this place all on my own on a tip,” William says.

Indoor Pool

Since it’s fully enclosed, the indoor pool can be used year-round. “It’s like waking up in your own private resort,” William says.

Basketball Court

The property’s outdoor amenities include a basketball court, a volleyball court and a kids’ playhouse.

Grand Entrance

Past a walkway with a fountain, the grand entryway opens directly into the living room. “I wanted a house with a big entrance, and I absolutely love the double front doors and how you walk into a grand room with a high ceiling,” William says. “That makes me very happy.”

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