Tour Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

Ted producer Jason Clark and his wife, Kimberly Clark, took a hands-on approach when designing their beautiful Spanish-style residence. Kimberly shares her insight into some of her favorite rooms and features in the home.
By: Susan Hornik

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro

Photo By: Ianthe Mauro


Colorful Mexican tiles adorn the risers of the home’s staircase.

Living Room

The Clarks’ spacious living area features a stone wall that the couple installed themselves. “Our front living room is such a cozy spot to make a fire and sit with friends over a glass of wine,” Kimberly said.

Made for Entertaining

Kimberly designed the home’s living room herself. “This is a nice place to have a cocktail and swap stories,” she said.

Noteworthy Artwork

The painting over the living room sofa is a Fernando Botero, which was left to Kimberly by her stepfather, Tommy Leonetti. “He was friends with the artist in the 1960s and bought it from him before he was so famous,” she said.

Upstairs Landing

The photo at the top of the stairs was taken by the Clarks' then 14-year-old son at The Museum of Neon in Los Angeles. “When I go up my stairs and look at this large banner-sized photo, I am reminded of my youngest son’s incredibly creative force," Kimberly said.

Master Bedroom

“For my husband and I, this is our favorite spot to end a busy day,” Kimberly said. “We can look out off our balcony at our pool and Buddha. At night, our pool lights light up the room in a romantic turquoise hue.”

Bedroom View

The Clarks enjoy this view of the backyard from their master bedroom balcony. “This is such a nice spot to have our morning coffee,” Kimberly said.

Custom Headboard

Kimberly bought an antique Uzbekistani Suzani tapestry and hired an upholsterer to make the headboard in their bedroom. “So as not to waste the beautiful fabric, I had him do the back in black linen and then used the scraps of extra tapestry to make all the pillows in our family room,” she explained.

Bedside Table

“Right by our bed, we have one of our wedding photos,” Kimberly said. “It sits in the marriage part (feng shui) of our home, which happens to be our bedroom. I always have lots of Objects With Purpose candles all around our master bedroom, too.”

Lunar Artwork

“I just bought this painting at HD Buttercup to commemorate my husband just having finished producing Fox’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” Kimberly said. “Those are old drawings of the moon waxing.”

Master Bathroom

“I love that our master bathroom is actually part of our bedroom,” Kimberly said. “Taking a bath in that tub is one of my favorite things to do.”


“In our kitchen, the tile is called Seneca tile,” Kimberly said. “We fell in love with its color and inconsistencies.”

Breakfast Nook

“Whenever we entertain, this little breakfast nook turns into the most popular spot for our guests,” Kimberly said. “They watch me cook, and we can visit while I work.”


In the library, built-in shelves house an impressive collection of books. “That burlap pillow was a nice Etsy find. I had our marriage date put on it: 12-28-88,” Kimberly said. “Sometimes we sit in that big leather chair and read.”

Moroccan-Inspired Bathroom

“In our colorful, Moroccan-inspired bathroom, an old portrait of my mother at 16 has found a home,” Kimberly said. “I didn’t want to frame it; I liked the roughness of just hanging the painting up on its frame.”

Fun Furniture Finds

You never know what you'll find at an estate sale. “This piece was bought at the best estate sale I have ever visited,” Kimberly said. “It belonged to an old Hollywood set decorator, and it was where I scored some of my most unusual pieces.”

Favorite Candles

Kimberly loves Objects With Purpose candles because they make candles with “found” objects. “I love this candle in an old crystal sherbet bowl,” she said.

Coastal-Inspired Accessory

“We have lots of these old Italian pots with shells everywhere in the house, reminding us we live by the ocean,” Kimberly said.


“In our front courtyard, we created a nice quiet space to entertain and relax with friends if people are in the pool,” Kimberly said.

Drought-Tolerant Plants

“We have potted all kinds of drought-tolerant plants throughout the property,” Kimberly said. “This is in the front courtyard just outside of our dining room.”

Water Feature

“Our front courtyard fountain was an afterthought project when we noticed we had so much tile left over after we built the house,” Kimberly said.

Outdoor Seating

Cozy seating areas are scattered throughout the courtyard.


“Our Buddha is the large focal point of our backyard area,” Kimberly said. “He sits calmly at 6 feet tall.”

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