Vintage Cool Kitchen

Episode DOD-3010H

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  • September 05, 2013

    8:30 AM e/p

Single homeowner Jami is a beautiful and vivacious woman with an infectious zest for life. The love of her life is her 1920's cottage, which she came close to losing a few years ago during the economic downturn. While she adores the bones of the home, the kitchen is lacking in every department. She'd love to see it transformed from a dingy off-white eyesore into a colorful, personality-filled kitchen she's excited to cook in and proud to entertain in. Casey Noble and Joel West work their magic and come up with one of the most vibrant rooms of the season. Taking inspiration from her love of all things vintage, this project list includes a center island/table made out of an old dresser, a storage wall created using wooden planks and hanging baskets and a new seating area that's stylish and supplies storage. And just wait until you see this color palette!