A Home Office and Reading Room in a Classic, Old World Style

Episode DOD-2505

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Alex and Aleese love their small office bungalow but it needs a more cohesive style. As Alex's home office, functionality is key, but they also want a place cozy enough for the two of them to lounge and read. The Design on a Dime team merges office productivity with an Old World, Hemingway-esque style, all for just $1000.


    • wall paint: 300F-4 Almond Toast, S-H-180 Awning Red from Behr
    • stain for dog bed: 715195046060 oil-based Deep Ebony from Olympic Paints and Stains
    • stain for picture railing and end tables: 330019 oil-based Jacobean 2750 from Minwax
    • stain for beams: 631457 water-based, American Walnut from Minwax
    • stain for room dividers, coffee table and bookcase: 85931 oil-based, Provincial 211 from Minwax
    • 79570, Minwax brand, water-based, English Oak from Minwax
    • drawer slides for roll-top storage cabinet from Lowe's