Modern Kitchen

Episode DOD-810

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Kevin Busch has worked very hard decorating his condo with modern, earthy and eclectic pieces. When it came to his empty outdated kitchen area, however, he came to a standstill. The dark wood cabinets and faux brick facade make him feel like he's in a chimney. Interior designer Kristan Cunningham proposes a plan to bring his kitchen into the new millennium. Design coordinator Spencer Anderson designs and builds a one-of-a-kind café table. Fellow design coordinator Dave Sheinkopf constructs a new unique countertop on a pony wall. Cunningham shops for an industrial material to cover the brick facade. The Design on a Dime team turns Busch's forgotten kitchen and dining room into his favorite rooms in the house by giving him the industrial, loft inspired kitchen he dreamed of, all for under $1,000.