Take a Mental Vacation With These Idyllic Views From 'Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation'

Okay, technically you're at your desk (or in an endless line at the grocery store, or squished into a subway car). Spiritually, you should be at the lake.

The intrepid homebuyers on the new HGTV series Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation don't let questionable layouts, spooky decks or attics — that may or may not house large families of raccoons — deter them from the serene shores of their dreams. Because a little reno be damned: Lakeside living IS within reach.

Let that focus inspire you: If you have the imagination to picture yourself on a lake, at these locations, you're halfway there. (Bonus for Internet dreamers: When you're picturing yourself at a lakefront property someone else is tackling, you don't even have to negotiate with the raccoons, unless you're into that sort of thing.)  

Lake Gaston, N.C.

This gently winding path is the casual equivalent of a mansion's spiral staircase — and you get to descend it in flip flops with a koozie'd beverage. Now that's a grand entrance.

Lake Gaston, N.C.

It's roughly 75 degrees and clear-skied in this part of North Carolina right now — what some Southerners call "bottle weather" (because you want to put it in a bottle and carry it around with you).

Apple Valley Lake, Ohio

Your daily commute via jet ski (or an inflatable raft, if that's more your speed) begins here.

Deep Creek Lake, Md.

Visitors to western Maryland's Deep Creek Lake can exhaust themselves with activities all year-round (the area is ideal for everything from ice fishing to whitewater rafting) — or simply perch above the water on a deck. It takes all kinds to make a world.

Deep Creek Lake, Md.

A 150-pound person burns about 340 calories in an hour of kayaking, which is roughly three s'mores. This means that if you kayak all afternoon, you should probably eat at least six s'mores. #LakeMath

Weiss Lake, Ala.

Alabama's Weiss Lake boasts more than 447 miles of shoreline studded with everything from hotels and marinas to coves and private retreats. You can also stage a temporary lakeside "property" at one of its campgrounds, if you're breezy about commitment.

Lake Tawakoni, Texas

Dock parties are a thing, yes? One could host an epic dock party on Lake Tawakoni (which is 45 miles outside of Dallas in northeastern Texas).

Lake Oconee, Ga.

Nestled between Augusta and Atlanta, the Lake Oconee area is steeped in history: Divers and excavators have found 12,000-year-old artifacts there, and visitors have their pick of landmarks and museums. It's also rather lovely, as you may have noticed.

Lake Arrowhead, Ga.

Lake Arrowhead and Lake Chickasaw were developed as remote retreats in the '70s. They're now cozy communities where residents can follow nature trails, frolic on the water and even play 18 intensely picturesque holes of golf.

Cedar Creek Lake, Texas 

Lake Tawakoni: Cedar Creek Lake will see your epic dock and raise you one epic deck. This outdoor space and its placid view are just begging for a host or hostess with a cooler full of white wine and a playlist full of Fleetwood Mac.

Lakeside where you want to be? It's not impossible — don't miss the premiere of HGTV's Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation on Saturday, April 15 at 9|8c.

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