5 Simple Ways Jasmine Roth Upgrades Builder-Basic Homes

The host of HGTV's new series, House to Home, takes cookie-cutter houses and makes them custom. Here are her tips for some easy home upgrades.

Jasmine Roth, host of HGTV's House to Home

From: House to Home
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By: Jasmine Roth
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Editor's Note: The host of HGTV’s upcoming pilot House to Home, airing April 9 at 1pm EST, is a builder and actually likes “builder homes.” She loves the challenge of taking a “blank slate” house and adding upgrades to make it a home. Here are some of Jasmine’s favorite recommendations for easy upgrades that you can take on yourself.

So Long, Cookie-Cutter Homes

Have you ever been to a neighborhood where each house looks exactly the same? Where you might even walk into the wrong house because it literally looks just like the one next to it? When builders build 10, 15 or even 20 houses that all have the same floorplan, similar colors and the same finishes, it can be tough to feel like the houses are unique. Jasmine Roth believes that no two families are the same, so why should their houses be?

Upgrade Your Fireplace

Rustic Wood Mantel

Rustic Wood Mantel

Detail shot of wood mantelpiece in HGTV House to Home episode "Is That My Home?"

Although you might not be offended by your current fireplace, chances are it's exactly the same as your neighbor's hearth. If you've already tried painting, a simple fix is to drywall over the existing surround and add wallpaper. This a great way to add color and texture. Not sure where to get wallpaper? Check out your local hardware or design store for tons of options.

Add Color to Your Front Door

I’m not going to lie — I like simple and neutral color palettes. This recommendation actually takes some skill to pull off. You want to make a statement, but not make your house look like a circus. I recommend picking a color that's a muted version of your favorite bold hue. If you like yellow, pick the darkest shade of yellow. If you like salmon, don’t use something that looks like stomach medicine. Pick the darkest hue on the paint card.

Use Stencils + Paint to Jazz Up Stair Risers

Have you ever seen those photos where designers tile the stair risers and it looks beautiful? That’s quite a commitment when you can get the same look with a stencil and some paint. I recommend measuring your stair risers then looking online for a stencil you can use. In House to Home, I usually cut craft board to the perfect size, stencil them at a table and install.

Replace Old Light Fixtures

I recommend buying a new light fixture online then hiring an electrician to install. I don’t mess with electrical; I definitely leave that to the pros. A light fixture is an easy way to completely change a space. I love using mixed metals or glass to add a different texture to a room. Also, don’t forget the outside of your house. Buying matching light fixtures and illuminating pathways and driveways can really amp up the curb appeal of your home.

Transform a Closet Into a Kids' Hideout

I love to incorporate innovative design ideas into spaces where homeowners have never looked for functionality. One of my favorite spaces to address is under the stairs. Most homes have an unused closet or even worse — a framed-in wasted space. My goal is to take back this space and really make it awesome. Whether it's a kids' closet, a pet cave or a desk for paying bills, I love designing these unique spaces. At the end of the day, if the kids are happy and have somewhere to put their toys, the parents are happy, too.

House to Home premieres Sunday, April 9 at 1pm|12c.

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