10 Things We Love About Hilary Farr

Love It or List It’s design maven has as much personality as the spaces she reimagines...and then some (and then some more, and then some more).

Hilary Farr inherited her mom’s passion for art and design — and helped redecorate the family home — when she was a child, and theatre has mesmerized her all her life (kudos to the casting director who realized she’d make a perfectly over-the-top villainess in a recent production of Sleeping Beauty). Sounds like the ideal preparation for her high-stakes real estate adventures on Love It or List It, no? (To no one’s surprise, her strong aesthetic sense and flair for drama make her extremely entertaining on social media, too.)  Why are we so taken with her? Glad you asked.

1: Her ride-or-die is a tiny dog.

Mimi is just one of Hilary's four-legged pals (she has feline housemates as well), but the diminutive Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix is the undisputed star of her Instagram feed (and half of her Facebook profile photo).

2: She can rock a crown.

(And she’s quite generous about sharing it with her HGTV cohost.)

3: Her behind-the-scenes photos are legit.

While Hilary gives good glam, she’s also willing to pull back the curtain on her professional life and give her followers a look at ... whatever it is that’s dangling from that dressing-room rack.

4: She’s a patriot.

Though Hilary isn’t shy about her political leanings, viewers on both sides of the aisle can find common ground with her love of country. (The United States, we mean, but also Canada. And the U.K., maybe. She’s kind of from everywhere.)

5: She can make anything seem luxurious.

Most rainy-day-at-the-beach pics have a bit melancholy to them — and then there are Hilary’s, which appear to have champagne in them even when they (technically) don’t.

6: She wears her nerdiness proudly.

When was the last time a TV host wished you a happy National Book Lovers Day?

7: She’s fluent in pop culture.

We suspect the summer of Pokémon GO was a little intense for Mimi.

8: She makes the best of a mess.

Is “an artful waxfall” a thing? Not really. Is this kind of the DIY version of pulling a successful Love It or List It renovation from the jaws of a disastrous one? Totally.

9: She’s crazy for all creatures.

One might assume that a woman who’s besties with a teeny dog doesn’t appreciate wilder and dirtier creatures, and one would be wrong — meet the raccoon who came to stay two winters ago. And her bat-pal. And the Canada geese in her yard.

10: She had a cameo in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (and doesn’t work it into every conversation?).

We would work it into every conversation.

Follow Hilary on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, and click here to catch the next episode of Love It or List It.

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