Materially Crafted Book Preview + 3 Fun Outdoor Party Projects

Materially Crafted, a new book from blogger Victoria Hudgins, is filled with crafts for personalizing the home. Get her tips on creating outdoor ambiance right here!
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I’ve been following blogger Victoria Hudgins for a while. Her craft blog, A Subtle Revelry, is a place you can get lost in for hours. Pinning, bookmarking — it’s dangerous (in a good way.) Then, I got her newest book in my mailbox and I knew I’d be spending my summer painting, gluing and molding clay on the patio.

By Victoria Hudgins; STC Craft | A Melanie Falick Book

By Victoria Hudgins; STC Craft | A Melanie Falick Book

Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Design-Obsessed is the perfect DIY guide for the design-savvy, including 35 easy projects organized by the materials used. (I love this part!) From spray paint and concrete to thread and clay, you can try materials you’ve never used or make projects using materials you know well. To me, this is the perfect time to try something new. Why not give wood burning or embroidery a shot? This DIY primer is perfect for anyone embracing their crafty side for the first time (or those who just want to keep developing their design chops), like spray painting a chair, making wax bud vases, plaster monograms, French knot artwork, a plywood game table and much more.

3 Easy Crafts to Create Outdoor Ambience

To celebrate the start of spring (!!!), Victoria is sharing one of her wax projects from Materially Crafted to prep for outdoor entertaining. She’s quick to mention in her material primer that “wax is one of the strangest materials to craft with.” She writes, “It has been around forever and has been used to sustain life, give light, propel many modern technologies forward and depict creepy lifeless celebrity figures in museums. Yet, it is such a basic material — heat it up, and it becomes pliable and can be manipulated into a multitude of projects.” Translation: Wax crafts galore!

Spring Festivities

These rolled beeswax candles are perfect for an outdoor gathering,” says Victoria. “They come together easily (basically cut and roll the colorful wax), and they will instantly make any deck or porch feel like a party.” With only three materials, I love how simple this project is. Plus, you can customize the tea lights to your decor palette, thanks to an array of colorful beeswax sheets.

Get step-by-step instructions: Beeswax Tea Lights From Materially Crafted

Refined Lighting

“Another fun idea is to stick wooden skewers into candles to make standing yard lights in moments,” says Victoria. “To do this, use a drill bit to drill up the bottom of a taper candle about one inch, and place each candle on top of the skewers. These garden-stake candles are a great option for lighting a path and brightening up the entire space.”

Get step-by-step instructions: Candle Stakes

Glimmer & Glow

“A fabulous idea for lighting the entire house — inside and out — is to use paper bags as lanterns. They can be personalized to match whatever style you desire, and they’ll bring a gorgeous evening glow when stacked on a table indoors or directly on the deck,” says Victoria.

Get step-by-step instructions: Paper Bag Lanterns

Learn how to “celebrate the everyday” and personalize your home with simple DIYs in Materially Crafted, available now.

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