Make This: The Perfect DIY Gift for Any Occasion

Seriously, it works as a gift for anything: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

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With wedding season in full swing and the holidays fast-approaching, gift-giving is likely on your mind. Instead of getting your loved ones something predictable, surprise them with a thoughtful, DIY gift.

Photo by: Molly Miller

Molly Miller

I recently made this map photo mat for my best friend's wedding after seeing this video from our sister site, I'd already bought her something from the registry for her bridal shower, but I still wanted to give her something meaningful at the wedding. This simple project was the perfect solution. Here's how I did it:

Source Materials

Since my friend and her husband went to Yosemite for their honeymoon, I found a map of the park to use on the mat. They both love hiking and visiting national parks, so finding a relevant photo to use wasn't hard (after some Facebook stalking).

Photo by: Molly Miller

Molly Miller

Trace Mat Opening on Map

Use a pencil to trace the borders of the mat on the map. This makes cutting the map so much easier.

Photo by: Molly Miller

Molly Miller

Cut the Map

I used scissors, but you could also use a box cutter. To cut out the opening for the photo, I folded the map in half and cut along the traced line from the inside of the mat.

Molly Miller
Molly Miller

Photo By: Molly Miller

Photo By: Molly Miller

Glue Map to Mat

Use a sponge brush to apply decoupage glue to the mat. You may need a few coats. Make sure to coat the entire mat, corners and all, so the mat stays in place.

Molly Miller
Molly Miller

Photo By: Molly Miller

Photo By: Molly Miller

Place Mat + Photo in Frame

Lay the mat face down in the frame so the map shows through the glass. Place the photo where you want it in the frame. Sometimes, I use a few pieces of tape to keep the photo in place behind the mat.

Photo by: Molly Miller

Molly Miller

Gift It!

Give to your friend or family member, and impress everyone with your crafting skills.

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