How to Experience Our 360 Videos

HGTV now has 360 videos! What exactly is a 360 video though? It’s a fun new way to experience the visual space around you. Here's how.
By: Abbi McCollum

We're so excited about this fun new way to share spaces and places with you: 360 videos allow you, the viewer, to step right into a room in the middle of a home renovation or experience the entire demo of a wall.



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Photo by: Jochen Sand

Jochen Sand

But how do you view it to get the full experience? Here are a few ways to watch 360 videos. 

On Your Desktop or Laptop

If you are watching a video on your computer, you can use your cursor to move around the video – if you want to see what’s going on around the video, use your cursor and click to the right, left, up or down.

On Your Phone or Tablet

If you are watching the video on your mobile device, either your phone or a tablet, click play on the video and then physically move the device around to see the different views. To see what’s happening to your right, move the device to the right. If you want to see what’s happening behind you, turn around with your device to see that part of the video.

If you are in a place where you can’t physically move your device, you can scroll around the video using your fingers as well.

Want to know more about how to play with HGTV’s 360 videos on Facebook? Click here to see how others are interacting with these kind of videos.

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