Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for the Pop Culture Obsessed

This year is a veritable pop culture costume buffet!
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The candy, the ghost stories, the scary movie reruns — these are all the things I love about Halloween. But my very favorite Haloween-y thing is figuring out a crazy costume based on the latest pop culture stories or memes.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: "Game Over Charles" - "A" is revealed, and all of the questions are answered, in "Game Over Charles," the summer finale of ABC Family's hit original series "Pretty Little Liars."

Photo by: Photo: Eric McCandless/Getty Images | Graphic: Erica Reitman

Photo: Eric McCandless/Getty Images | Graphic: Erica Reitman

Here is a roundup of our very favorite Halloween costume ideas based on the latest TMZ and Buzzfeed headlines.

Pretty Little Liars

"Gotta secret, can you keep it…"

If you've been able to avoid the highly addictive show based on the popular YA novels, Pretty Little Liars, then congrats on still holding on to large chunks of your life that you will never get back. Sadly, I've clocked what feels like hundreds of hours at this point trying to figure out who the heck A is.

If you're going out with a group of friends, dressing up as all the fashionable girls would definitely make a splash.

Watch to Get the Look:

The Walking Dead

One of the hottest shows on TV right now is #TWD, and it's actually helped make zombies look cool again. If you're a super fan like we are, follow this makeup tutorial to zombify your look. You can even dress up as Glenn. (Did he or didn't he?!)

Watch to Get the Look:

Zombie Halloween Makeup How-To 03:32

Watch this easy how to Halloween makeup tutorial to turn yourself into a zombie bride.

80s Style

For a Throwback Thursday vibe, consider an homage to some of your favorite 80s movies like Say Anything or The Goonies. We totally have you covered.

Watch to Get the Look:

As a bonus, here's a tutorial on how to dress your dog like ET:

Taylor Swift and Kanye West

I'm sure you've heard by now that Taylor Swift and Kanye West have made up and are now besties (as evidenced by the recent lovefest between the two). While we certainly love and support a good Kimye costume, a Taylor Swift/Kanye couples costume gets our vote this Halloween. These two are the classic example of "forgive and forget."

Taylor Swift's Cats

Taylor does indeed have two spots on our list (well, kinda), but she truly is having a moment. So much so, that we've all gotten to know and love her cats, Detective Olivia Benson and Doctor Meredith Grey.

If you're looking for a quick and easy costume, you can simply do some cat-eye eyeliner and draw some whiskers. Make your feline fame known by adding on a DIY Meredith Grey hospital badge or a detective badge (#4015) for Olivia Benson.

Watch to Get the Look:

Cat Halloween Makeup How-To 03:51

Follow this tutorial to create purr-fect cat makeup for Halloween.

Cookie From Empire

Season 2 of everyone's favorite new show, Empire, is just getting started, but I've already nominated myself as president of the Cookie Lyon fan club. She's loud, brash and brilliant…and she always looks damn good whether she's going into the boardroom or yelling at some new up-and-comer in the studio.

Dressing up as Cookie for Halloween might just be the ultimate fashion fantasy. Think faux fur, big jewelry, lots of color and super high heels. Here's some more Cookie wardrobe inspiration so you can put together the ultimate fashion plate costume in honor of this diva.

El Nino

The biggest weather story this winter certainly seems to be El Nino and, according to all of the experts, it's coming whether we like it or not. The cloud pouf makes it.

Watch to Get the Look:

Couple's Thunderstorm Costume 03:21

Meg and friend Casey show you how to make a couple's thunderstorm costume.
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