DIY Stocking Stuffer: Make These Lip Balm Lockets in Just 15 Minutes

If your gift recipients are about all-natural products, go with a homemade lip balm in a vintage locket. The best part? The pocket-sized gift only requires a few ingredients!

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If you only have 15 minutes to craft a group gift or stocking stuffer, then this vintage lip balm locket is your answer. It's all natural — made with ingredients you most likely already have — and will make your lips feel super soft. Not to mention, budget-friendly (The locket was only a couple bucks at the local craft store)! See how to make it: 

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This all-natural lip balm locket keeps giving through the winter.

Pretty easy, no? Tuck into a gift box for a gift that keeps on giving all winter long. 

If you don't want to use lockets, fill empty eyeshadow containers, other lip balm containers or mint tins. The possibilities are endless! Keep reading for more tips to make your own. 

Materials Needed:

  • double boiler or a pot and glass measuring cup
  • beeswax (Tip: pellets will melt faster) 
  • coconut oil
  • peppermint or vanilla extract
  • beet root powder (optional for natural color)
  • wisk
  • silicon oven mitts
  • vintage-inspired lockets (in jewelry section of local craft store)

Bring Water to Simmer

Bring water to a simmer in a double boiler or create a double boiler by hanging a glass measuring cup on the edge of a pot filled with water (making sure the water doesn't overflow into the cup).

Stir Beeswax and Coconut Oil

Place equal parts beeswax and coconut oil into cup (one tablespoon each makes approximately five lockets), and stir frequently with a wisk until completely melted while wearing silicone oven mitts.

Add Scent + Natural Coloring

Mix equal parts peppermint or vanilla extract and beet root powder until you get desired color.

Pour Mixture Into Locket

While wearing silicone oven mitts, remove the glass measuring cup from pot, and set aside to cool for approximately 30 seconds. Stir once more to get even coloring, and slowly pour mixture into locket or other empty container. Let cool.

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