5 Different Ways to Use Gold Leaf

Because there's no such thing as too much gold.

We tend to reserve silver, gold and bronze decor for the holidays, but, why? Metallics are really just fancier neutrals, after all. Plus, metallic decor is too pretty to keep in storage nine months out of the year.

So, if you're missing some shimmer and shine in your life, or just want to add more, here are five gold leaf DIYs you can do in a weekend.


DIY Earbud Cases 00:30

Learn how to create these DIY headphone cases from mint containers.

Upcycle an old mint container into a headphone case, then punch it up with a bit of gold leaf.

DIY Gold-Leafed Potted Plants 01:43

Small succulents in DIY gold-leafed pots make great take-home party favors.

Dress up casual terracotta pots into a unique, clustered centerpiece, or sprinkle them throughout the house for a touch of metallic in every room. These would also be great gifts!


Gold Leaf Bar Tray

Gold Leaf Bar Tray

Add the finishing touches to the bar tray. Rub antiquing finish into cracks and ridges. Wipe away any excess with rag, then remove the tape. The tray is ready to be stocked with drinks, spirits or appetizers.

Add interest and elegance to a simple bar tray with a few sheets of gold leaf. While it looks especially festive during the holidays, I'm in favor of keeping this tray out year-round for a glam addition to any bar cart.

DIY Gold-Leaf Vases 01:28

Learn how to turn plain jars and bottles into beautiful gilded vases.

Transform plain Mason jars and assorted glasses into pretty, stylish vases.


DIY Gold-Leaf Sunburst Mirror 01:30

Follow these instructions to make a round sunburst mirror from scrap pieces of wood. Start with the mirror itself. You can make a circle mirror by buying a square mirror and adding a circular frame. Attach wood pieces to the frame and then apply gold leaf to the wood to complete the gilded look.

Revive old, scrap pieces of wood with a gilded update and some TLC.

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