What IS an Arnold Palmer Anyway?

The King of golf invented a Southern, summer staple.

By: Tyler Strong
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The warm sunshine, freshly-cut grass and blooming azaleas signal the long-awaited return of spring to Augusta, Ga. And with it comes one of golf's most prestigious events: the Masters Tournament. The tournament, played annually during the first full week of April at Augusta National Golf Club, has seen many of the sport's greats find success on its hallowed grounds, including the late, four-time champion, Arnold Palmer.

Iced Tea for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

Iced Tea for Outdoor Spring Entertaining

Springtime drinks are best characterized as light and cold. Iced tea, lemonade and strawberry drinks cater to guests of all ages. Give classic iced tea a twist by adding a dash of strawberry or watermelon juice, then serve it with a lemon wheel.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

In addition to his accomplishments on the golf course, Palmer was known off the course for the popular beverage that bore his name. In an interview with ESPN, Palmer said he got the idea one day when his late wife, Winnie, made iced tea. He suggested adding a little lemonade to a big pitcher of iced tea. After a little tweaking to get the taste where he wanted it, the rest, as they say, is history.

According to Palmer's website, the name of the drink spread when a woman overheard him ordering the drink merely by its description. The woman thought the drink sounded so delicious, that she asked for "an Arnold Palmer," and the name stuck.

With the Masters beginning this week, usher in spring by making your own Arnold Palmer, plus try a few different takes on this classic, refreshing drink.

Arnold Palmer 3 Ways 00:46

Find out how to enjoy this classic drink three different ways.

The Classic Arnold Palmer

Ingredients: Sweet Tea, Lemonade

This may be the easiest drink you'll ever make. Simply mix equal parts sweet tea and lemonade, and enjoy!

Just like Palmer did, you can adjust this recipe to your taste by including more or less sweet tea or lemonade; some prefer to go half-and-half, while others use three parts tea to one part lemonade. Using unsweetened tea is also an option.

The Spiked Arnold Palmer

Ingredients: Sweet Tea, Lemonade, 1 oz. Vodka

This drink (also known as the John Daly), will add a little extra kick to your Arnold Palmer. Simply add vodka to the classic Arnold Palmer recipe. You can also line the rim of your glass with sugar to add a little extra sweetness to the drink.

Arnold Palmer Pops

Ingredients: Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Mint (garnish), Lemons (sliced), Ice Pop Mold, Ice Pop Sticks

Need to cool down on a hot day? Make Arnold Palmer ice pops! First, fill the ice-pop molds halfway with sweet tea. Then, add mint leaves into the tea as a garnish. Freeze the molds for one hour. After an hour, add a layer of lemonade and sliced lemons to fill the rest of the molds. Freeze for one additional hour. When the liquids begin to solidify, insert ice-pop sticks into the molds so they'll freeze upright.

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