How to Make Your Houseguest Feel Like a Rock Star

Give your guests the rock-star treatment with a few thoughtful and easy ideas for your guest room.

With Christmas just a few short weeks away, we’re right in the middle of prime houseguest season. For many of us, that means that friends and family will soon start showing up on our doorsteps looking for a warm bed and a complementary Netflix login.



We bet you already have comfy bed covered, but we have a few easy suggestions for some ideas to steal to help make each of your houseguests feel like a real-life rockstar.

Easy Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi Reminder

Wi-Fi Reminder

What’s usually the No. 1 question a houseguest usually asks after settling in for a visit? What’s the Wi-Fi network and password info? This is a brilliant way to ensure that your guest never has to bug you with this question again: embroider it on their pillowcase! Another great idea is to print out the Wi-Fi/password info and put it in a frame on their bedside table.

Fresh Flowers

Classic and Elegant White and Silver Table Vignette

Classic and Elegant White and Silver Table Vignette

Fresh flowers are always a lovely way to make your houseguests feel welcome. If your guest is going to be staying with you for more than a day or so, make sure you remember to go in and change the water for their arrangement. If you’re not able to grab fresh flowers, however, consider a small plant or some succulents on a tray. 

In-Room Snack Bar

Snack Food Gift Basket

Snack Food Gift Basket

Try using a small cart to create a fun snack bar for your guests. You can include bottles of water, iced tea or twist-off soda bottles. You can even include some beer (with a bottle opener) for your over-21 guests. Small bags of chips, nuts or candy bars would also be nice to include. Make sure you also leave plenty of napkins, small bowls or plates, as well as coasters that your guests can use on their bedside table.

Luxe Bedding

Transitional Gray Bedroom With Stylish Striped Bench

Transitional Gray Bedroom With Stylish Striped Bench


Property Brothers At Home

Photo by: Larry Hanna/AP images

Larry Hanna/AP images

While it might be tempting to skimp on the bedding for a guest room, it really can make the world of difference for all of your family and friends who will be staying with you. Try to have at least two sets of guest bedroom bedding on hand that is at least 300-thread count. Fluffy pillows and a fresh duvet/down comforter are always a good bet, too. And don’t forget to have an extra blanket or two easily accessible in case your guest gets chilly.

Household Notebook

Learn how to make this constellation notebook here.

If you tend to have a lot of houseguests, you might want to create an easy access household notebook for them. You can either write out info or print it out (and glue it to the pages), so that your guests have all the scoop they need during their stay. You can include things like:

  • Alarm codes
  • Necessary phone numbers
  • Info for entering and exiting the house
  • How to use the remote control(s)
  • Info on the washer/dryer

Bathroom Amenities

Chic Spa Bathroom With Freestanding Tub

Chic Spa Bathroom With Freestanding Tub


Sarah's House

One of my very favorite things about staying at a nice hotel is the giant fluffy robe that they always have hanging in the bathroom to use throughout your stay. If you want to make things super luxe for your guests, consider investing in a yummy, thick robe that you can leave for them on the back of your guest bedroom door. You could even embroider a cheeky little phrase on the robe for fun such as  “boom” or “#winning.” 

Vacation Reads

Clear Acrylic Magazine Rack

Clear Acrylic Magazine Rack

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

Why not leave your guest a stack of some current magazines or books to help keep them busy during their stay? You can customize the reading materials based on your guest's preferences.

Personal Note 

Printable Christmas Card With Decorated Santa

Printable Christmas Card With Decorated Santa

Photo by: Picasa ©ten22 studio 2013

Picasa, ten22 studio 2013

An easy way to make your houseguest feel truly welcome is to leave a personal note for them on their bed or on the bedside table. Try having each member of the family write a quick message to make them feel extra special. And feel free to share any important details about any events or outings that they should have on their radar while they're staying with you.

16 Handmade Holiday Cards

See All Photos

Graphic Christmas Tree Card

Kids' Craft: Santa Holiday Card

Photo By: Picasa ©ten22 studio 2013

Holiday Card With Colorful Felt Pennants

  1. felt

Glittered Photo Card

Photo By: Picasa ©ten22 studio 2013

Falling Snow Holiday Shaker Card

  1. blue card

Kids' Craft: Yarn Embellished Ornament Card

  1. yarn

©ten22 studio | Rennai Hoefer

Modern Ornament Holiday Card

3-D Felt Christmas Tree Card

Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Card

Fun Felt Cards

Bird and Branch Holiday Card

Recycled Paper Cards

Photo By: DK - A Greener Christmas © 2008 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Feliz Navidad Handmade Holiday Card

Pop-Up Christmas Card

Natural Christmas Cards

Photo By: DK - A Greener Christmas © 2008 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Photo Wreath Ornament Card

Local Recommendations

ChiLantro Restaurant in Austin, Texas

ChiLantro Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Photo by:

If your guest has never been to your area before, they may need some help when it comes to things to do, restaurants or places to go shopping. There are several apps available now that will allow you to create your own personal guidebook filled with all of your local favorites. One of my new faves is Pearlshare.

Coffee Order

Holiday Food Gift: Coffee Cupcakes Recipe

Holiday Food Gift: Coffee Cupcakes Recipe

In my house, we like to go to the local Starbucks every morning for some coffee. So I designed some quick and easy coffee order forms that I always make sure to share with our overnight guests to find exactly what type of coffee they like in the morning. This way I can run out early morn, get everyone’s coffee, and by the time they wake up, their order will be ready and waiting for them. 

Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

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A Grand Entrance

Fresh Hues

Holiday Touches

The Best for Guests

Deck Your Plants

For Festive Feasts

Easy-to-Recreate Place Cards

Bedeck the Bath

Dress Your Halls

Rejoice in Repurposing

Existing Elements, New Uses

Dramatic Vignettes

Christmas Card Display

Show Off Holiday Plants

Truly Gifted

Joyful Sounds

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