Healthy Party Dips? It's Possible With These 5 Swaps

Switch out your go-to dip for one of these equally tasty recipes, and it'll be a guaranteed healthy hit at your next party.
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From football games to birthdays, there's always a reason to throw a party, which means lots of finger foods like crackers, veggies and dips. Many of the traditional party dips are high in calories, high in fat and highly likely to put you in a food coma.That's why we rounded up some simple swaps that are still delicious but better for you.

Skip: Spinach Artichoke Dip
Try: Creamy Avocado, Artichoke and Kale Dip

Photo credit: Blissful Basil

Photo credit: Blissful Basil

Gooey cheese, though delicious, is one of the easiest ways to add saturated fat and calories to a recipe, and it's the star of most spinach and artichoke dips. When superfood spinach and antioxidant-rich artichokes are mere sidekicks, the health benefits get overshadowed. Not the case in this recipe for Creamy Avocado, Artichoke and Kale Dip. The veggies take the spotlight and not a cheese is in sight. It's the avocados, loaded with good-for-you fats, that create the creamy texture we love so much. We bet you'll never be able to look at the classic version the same way again.

Get the full recipe over at Blissful Basil.

Skip: Pizza Dip
Try: Roasted Red Pepper Parmesan Dip

Photo credit: Well Plated

Photo credit: Well Plated

Pizza doesn't exactly have a reputation for being healthy and putting its flavors in a bowl along with cream cheese doesn't help. What's more, if you serve this greasy dip with breadsticks you could quickly end up dunking your way to the equivalent of half a pie! You can enjoy the same Italian taste with this roasted red pepper dip that uses familiar ingredients like basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic and olive oil. Protein-packed cannellini beans act as the base to add thickness without the fat.

Get the full recipe over at Well Plated.

Skip: Taco Dip
Try: Avocado and Feta Dip

Photo credit: Two Peas and Their Pod

Photo credit: Two Peas and Their Pod

Taco Dip is essentially refried beans, cheese, more cheese, sour cream and all the toppings you could dream up — an entire meal in a bowl. If it's a southwest flavor you crave, go for that avocado fix. This green fruit – yep, a fruit! — is high in monounsaturated fats, which provide heart-health benefits. Give guacamole a break, and try this Avocado and Feta Dip instead. Familiar ingredients like lime juice, cilantro and jalapeno still make an appearance, but it's salty feta that switches things up for an original dip everyone will love. Just remember, a fat is still a fat, so be careful of just how much you gobble up.

Get the full recipe over at Two Peas and Their Pod.

Skip: Buffalo Chicken Dip
Try: Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

Photo credit: Skinnytaste

Photo credit: Skinnytaste

OK, we're not going to sugar coat this one. It's difficult to recreate this classic tailgate dip in a much healthier way without changing it almost entirely. This is where little tweaks make a big difference. In this Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe, reduced-fat cream cheese subs in for full fat, low-cal white wine vinegar adds flavor, and the extra cheese is kept to a minimum. Still spicy, still delicious, with less a little less guilt. Bonus: The chili pepper kick in your hot sauce contains a compound called capsaicin, which may help your body burn more fat.

Get the full recipe over at Skinnytaste.

Skip: Marshmallow Fruit Dip
Try: 3-Ingredient Healthy Fruit Dip

Photo credit: Bless This Mess

Photo credit: Bless This Mess

Fruit. Healthy! Right? Not so fast. It's true that a slice of apple will always be a better choice than a slice of cake, but not when you slather it with artificial marshmallow fluff and cream cheese. [By now you’ve probably noticed the common denominator in these bad-for-you dips, right? Avoid cream cheese when possible, or go for a reduced-fat variety.] When your sweet tooth is calling, whip together this simple 3-Ingredient Healthy Fruit Dip. Greek yogurt (satisfying protein), peanut butter (ditto on the protein, plus fiber) and honey (natural sweetener) are the only things that go into this tasty dip.

Get the full recipe over at Bless This Mess.

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Savory Cheese Straws

Country star Trisha Yearwood shares her can't-miss recipe for these crunchy nibbles, sure to please party guests of all ages. Get the recipe.

Spicy Shrimp Toast

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Avocado Fries

It almost doesn't seem possible that a perfectly ripe avocado could ever be improved upon, but — with a lime sriracha dip as a sidekick — these avocado fries prove it can be done. Get the recipe.

Baked Brie With Raspberry Preserves

Keep hungry guests satisfied while they wait for dinner to begin with this warm, gooey appetizer. Baked Brie always impresses but its preparation couldn't be easier. Get the recipe.

Salted Stout Caramel Popcorn

Hearty stout lends a flavorful kick to the homemade caramel coating on this sweet-meets-salty snack. Get the recipe.

Pub-Style Pretzels and Beer Cheese Sauce

Savory smoked Gouda and cheddar cheeses get a flavorful kick from your favorite draft to take these soft, doughy homemade pretzels to a whole new level of appetizer awesomeness. Get the recipe.

Artichoke and Black Truffle Dip

Black truffle paste adds an earthy flavor to this cream-cheese-based artichoke dip that pairs perfectly with flatbreads and pitas. Get the recipe.

Nut Crusted Brie with Cherry Chutney

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Pepperoni Pizza Hand Pies

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Creamy Smoked Salmon Roll

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Nacho-Stuffed Potato Skins

This hearty appetizer serves up a can't-miss combo of favorite party flavors: potato skins and cheesy nachos. Get the recipe.

Chile and Lime Roasted Cashews

Lime juice and chile pepper give these roasted nuts a flavorful kick that makes them an endlessly munchable finger food and the just-right partner to a frosty pint. Get the recipe.

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