8 Ways to Upcycle Christmas Decorations for Your New Year's Eve Party

Don't store your Christmas decorations just yet. Use it for your New Year's Eve party instead.

Well, holiday season is almost over, but there is still one to celebrate — the new year! Celebrating the new year means a new perspective, resolutions and a fresh start from whatever 2015 has sprung on you. Before you embark on this new beginning, celebrate this year's ups and downs with friends in style. Instead of spending money or bringing out a whole new box of decor, upcycle your Christmas decorations. Many Christmas decorations have a metallic color palette that works perfectly for a NYE party. Keep reading for tips on how to throw a classy NYE shindig using these repurposed items.

Wrapping Paper Tablecloth



With the right wrapping paper and some tape, you have all the ingredients for a stunning tablescape. For this New Year's gathering, glittering gold wrapping paper covers the table in lieu of a tablecloth.

Gift Tag Place Cards



Let your holiday gift tags serve double duty, and use them as place cards. To get the look, tie tags with metallic ribbon, and write each guest's name as a great alternative to traditional place cards.

Sparkly Table Accents



Display your vintage Christmas ornaments as place setting embellishments. Here, each salad plate was topped with a silver ornament, while white string lights make an unexpected table runner.

Gift Bow Centerpiece



Giant, oversized gift bows are one of the most versatile pieces. They serve as stand-out decor in many different places. Pair them with other recycled Christmas decor to create festive centerpieces, use them as props for your photo booth or tie them to headbands to create festive holiday fashion accessories.

Jazzed Up Bar Area



Make your bar area center of attention. Recycle sparkling gift boxes and colorful baubles to spruce up your bar display. Mix in metallics for an extra touch.

Wrapping Paper Photo Backdrop



Create your own colorful backdrop for a photo booth using big sheets of Christmas wrapping paper. To create this look, place four sheets together and apply to the wall with double stick tape.

Serving Tray Embellishment

Miniature Champagne Bottles

Miniature Champagne Bottles

Photo by: Jeanine Hays

Jeanine Hays

Don't have a festive serving tray? No problem. Use tissue paper you used to wrap Christmas gifts with, and cut into smaller rectangular pieces to line serving trays.

Tissue Paper Confetti



Use tissue paper for confetti, too! To make, place a variety of colorful sheets together, and cut them into small squares. Pass out handfuls to guests for them to toss at the stroke of midnight.

Host a Classic New Year's Day Brunch With a Twist

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Ring in the New Year

Start the New Year on a festive note with a brunch full of classic dishes, all with a modern twist. Here, we used washi tape to create a geometric New Year's Day greeting behind the dining table.

Printable Invitations

Set the mood for your New Year's Day festivities with our free printable party invitations.

  1. invitation

Classic Yet Modern

A modern French bistro was the inspiration for this table's theme. The pink-and-black color palette nods to classic French style, while geometric patterns and gold accents give the table a trendy touch.

Wallpaper, Repurposed

A leftover sheet of Graham and Brown wallpaper makes a festive runner on a mostly-bare table, and looks less formal than a white tablecloth.

Simple Floral Centerpieces

No table setting is complete without flowers. Opt for readily-available flowers and keep the arrangements simple and unobtrusive. Here, white and dual-toned cream and pink roses are placed in low cube vases and small apothecary bottles.

Dine Vintage-Style

To create this look, search your favorite vintage stores for glassware and dessert plates with pink or gold detailing. Use a basic white dinner plate on the bottom of every place setting. Top it with a geometric napkin (these are made from fabric purchased from Quadrille, Inc.) and the vintage plates. Repurpose the printable invitations as menu cards to top off each place setting.

Pizza for Breakfast

This isn't your childhood breakfast pizza: This flatbread is topped with roasted tomatoes, fried eggs, ricotta cheese and arugula. Get the recipe!

A Simple Dessert Buffet

Create visual interest above the self-serve dessert buffet by sticking rows of metallic balloons and colorful buntings above the table. Tip: Keep the rows of balloons a few inches above the tallest item on the table.

  1. dessert table

Champagne-Glazed Fruit Tarts

Use leftover champagne or sparkling wine from New Year's Eve festivities to create a glaze for these mascarpone-filled fruit tarts. Get the recipe!

Store-Bought Sweets

A New Year's Day brunch is all about simplicity; plan to make one sweet item, then pick up an assortment of breakfast pastries from your favorite bakery.

  1. dessert table

DIY Drink Station

Setting up food and drink stations allows guests to serve themselves, reducing your workload as a host. Portable foldout tables set against the wall and covered with fabric look elegant and are sturdy enough to hold the weight of glass containers food and beverages. For the beverage station, provide a bottle of your favorite sparkling wine along with pitchers of juice for mixing.

  1. drink station

Sparkling Grapefruit Fizz

A twist on the classic mimosa, this drink pairs sparkling wine with grapefruit juice, anise syrup and the herbal liqueur Campari. Get the recipe!

Coffee Bar

Let guests be part of the process by placing an espresso and cappuccino machine on the beverage station. Guests get to learn something new and can make drinks suited to their individual tastes. The milk-frothing function in the machine makes delicious cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate. Add popular garnishes such as marshmallows, flavored syrups and cinnamon sticks to the display.

  1. coffee bar

New Year's Resolution Game

Encourage conversation and mingling by setting up an activity for your guests. This New Year's resolution game is inspired by the holiday "white elephant" gift exchange. To set up, create a backdrop using foam or cork boards and pin up instructions. Make note cards using silver cardstock and snowflake cutouts. The striped envelopes are an easy cut-and-fold DIY using leftover holiday wrapping paper.

  1. game wall

How to Play the Resolution Game

Have guests write out a resolution on a note card and place in attractive envelopes. Then, have each guest choose a number. Here, we painted craft sticks with a number and placed them number-side down in a jar.

  1. party game

How to Play the Resolution Game

The game starts when the person who draws number 1 picks an envelope and reads the resolution aloud. The next person does the same. The person then has the option to keep the resolution they chose or steal the one from the players before them. The game goes on until everyone has a resolution and all the envelopes are gone.

  1. game

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