These Cult TV Floor Plans Are Fanfic for Architects

Take a fresh look at your favorite characters’ homes.

Anyone with a keyboard and a spare hour or two can crank out an episode of Harry Potter / Severus Snape fan fiction (Google that at your own risk); visual and technical tributes, on the other hand, call for a particular sort of enthusiast. tasked the team at NeoMam Studios with creating gorgeously detailed renderings of homes from eight beloved TV shows, and they rose to the challenge with brio that would impress binge-watchers and fellow graphic designers.

Arrested Development’s model home at 1 Lucille Lane has a special place in my heart, as my dad’s house is also in Newport Beach (though it bears no resemblance to one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces, at least as far as I know). NeoMam’s designers spent two and a half days binge-watching the show and creating rough sketches of the Bluth home’s layout; they then turned those sketches over to architect Jasna Cizler, who helped them generate plans for final illustrations. Each poster went through the same process, for a total of three weeks’ worth of work from concept to completion. That’s a lot of pajama pants. 

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore’s Stars Hollow HQ appears in its post-renovation, Season 7 form — though fans awaiting the girls’ upcoming Netflix reunion are hoping for additional work. Gisele Navarro, a member of the creative team behind the images, reports that they posted early versions on Reddit (brave designers!) to get feedback from each show’s community and made final tweaks based on discussions and comments from each thread. Those communities had a lot to say about the WC: "Fans [argued] about how inconvenient it was that the house had only one bathroom, and how annoying it is that they didn’t add another bathroom during the renovations." Tsk tsk, Gilmores. Bathroom additions serve up twice the property value of bedroom changes. 

Sherlock’s 221B Baker Street apartment, by contrast, gets its loo-to-lodger ratio just right — and has, I would add, an optimal railroad-apartment layout. (I’m still recovering from the years I spent in a New York City tenement pretending to be asleep as house guests squeezed past the bed on the way to the bathroom.) Full disclosure: Holmes’s apartment is the one I'd probably pick as my own if I were to go fictional-house-hunting. It’s aspirational, to be sure, but it’s not completely unrealistic, right?

My next campsite will be Golden Girls -themed. After this, I am ready for wicker and cheesecake.

My next campsite will be Golden Girls -themed. After this, I am ready for wicker and cheesecake.

When I consulted friends on their TV-land settlement picks, the answers were all over the (fake) map: some dreamed of Downton Abbey splendor, others admired family homes like the Bravermans’ (Parenthood) and the Dunphys’ (Modern Family). My friend Calvin asked if reality TV counted: “Chip and Joanna Gaines’s farmhouse in Waco is pretty sweet.” At the end of the day, my friend Judd’s pick was the most popular one of all. He’d make his home on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

For my own part, I learned that one’s love for fantasy and sci-fi TV is best rendered in 2D a month ago, when I built myself a campsite that paid homage to Will’s shelter in The Upside Down from Stranger Things. The look was solidly spooky, to be sure, but to no one’s surprise, I didn’t get much sleep in the woods that night.

You can find all eight of NeoMam’s creations at, and binge on even more pop-culture architecture by Inaki Aliste Lizarralde (a Spanish interior designer who sells prints of the TV floor plans he draws) and Mark Bennett (whose blueprint lithographs of classic TV interiors look right at home in Los Angeles art galleries). Happy hunting!

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