The 17 Creepiest Places in the Country

Some of America's most haunted homes are also its most famous.
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We all like to be scared a little bit around Halloween. I mean, that’s why we pay to go to cheesy haunted houses and attractions all season long. If you’re looking for more of a real-life paranormal thrill, add these creepy U.S. locations to your weekend road trip list. Many of the homes were the unfortunate spot of grisly murders, and others are simply an unexplained hotbed of ghostly activity.

The Amityville Home

The Amityville House

The Amityville House

Photo by: Doug Kerr

Doug Kerr

The Amityville Home

Six members of the DeFeo family were murdered in this Amityville, N.Y. home in 1974. A year after the tragedy, a new family moved in but quickly left after reporting unexplained paranormal activity.

The Chelsea Hotel

Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea

Photo by: © Schmidt

© Schmidt

Built in 1884, the Chelsea Hotel in New York City, is one of the area's most chilling landmarks. Since its inception, the hotel has been home to many famous artists, writers and musicians. Although its most notable occupants have died, Chelsea Hotel visitors claim to have spotted the apparitions of Dylan Thomas, Eugene O'Neill and Thomas Wolfe.

Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California

Photo by:

This 160-room Victorian home features doors that lead to nowhere, winding hallways, bizarre secret passageways and even a seance room.

The White House

The White House

The White House

Photo by: ©


Yes, the White House. For years, visitors, staff and even residents have reported seeing the ghosts of former presidents, like Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. Recently, the Obamas have claimed to hear (and feel!) strange things.

Real-Life Haunted Houses

The Chelsea Hotel

Photo By: © Schmidt

Winchester Mystery House

Photo By:

The Amityville House

Photo By: Doug Kerr

The Cassadaga Hotel

The White House

Photo By: ©

Myrtles Plantation

Photo By:

The Joshua Ward House

Photo By: from

The LaLaurie House

Photo By: adrigu, CC BY 2.0

Franklin Castle

Photo By: Corey Balazowich, CC BY-ND 2.0 featured on

The Whaley House

Photo By: Smart Destinations, CC BY-SA 2.0., featured on

The Lemp Mansion

Photo By: Tyson Blanquart, CC BY-SA 2.0, featured on

Villisca Ax Murder House

Photo By: Jennifer Kirkland, Flickr, featured on ©2010 Jennifer Kirkland

Plus, Infamous Horror Film Spots

Since Halloween is near, I figured I’d throw in a few chilling horror film locations I’m sure you’re familiar with. They're not technically haunted, but I bet you don’t look at them quite the same anymore.

Timberline Lodge From The Shining

Photo by: Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo. was the inspiration for Stephen King’s book, The Shining, but director Stanley Kubrick used the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood, Ore. (pictured) for exterior shots in the movie.

Seneca Creek State Park From The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Photo by:

Seneca Creek State Park in Montgomery County, Md. is considered a place of doom in the psychological horror film The Blair Witch Project. In the film, the three students start out at Black Rock Mill (pictured above) and head towards Coffin Rock, where five men were apparently ritualistically slain.

Horror Movie Locations

Rosemary's Baby

Photo By: ©

The Shining

Photo By: ©

Friday the 13th

Photo By: Tony Urban Photography

The Blair Witch Project

Photo By:

The Amityville Horror

Photo By: Tony Urban Photography

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