15 Tiny Bathrooms That Will Inspire You to Downsize + Declutter

High design homes don't require lots of square footage.

Small space living is all the rage these days. And while it’s not a guarantee, most small spaces usually come with small bathrooms, too.

Surprisingly, designing a small bathroom is a lot harder than it seems. A small space limits your design decisions and can present a host of challenges. However, the good news is that it’s also often the perfect spot to experiment, go bold and take some chances in.

I’ve rounded up 15 of my favorite real-life tiny bathrooms from Instagram, and all of them feature fab design ideas that you can steal for your own space.

Tile the Whole Wall

While tile is often used on half of the wall in a bathroom, a small bath is the perfect spot to try taking it up to the ceiling. In this space, the penny tile draws your eyes up and helps to make the space much larger than it actually is.

Don't Be Afraid to Ditch the Tub

Sometimes you simply don’t have room for a tub. For a box-shaped small bath, you might want to consider ditching the tub altogether and instead putting in a beautiful glass shower. The glass really helps to open this space up and makes it feel light and airy. If you have the space (and budget) you can even add a small bench in the shower.

Use Mirrors and Go Glam

Mirrors are also a great go-to trick for opening up a small space. You could try going all in and mirroring the entire space. Or for a slightly less glam approach, try mirroring the entire wall above your sink. Another great bonus is that the glass for mirrors typically costs much less than tile.

Get Some Plants in There

Even though space is at a premium in a tiny bathroom, bringing in a bit of life is still always a good idea. A plant on a simple stool looks great, or if you truly don’t have one inch to spare, try putting a plant on the back of your toilet, in a windowsill or even hanging from the ceiling. Just remember to choose a plant that will thrive in whatever type of environment you have in your space.

Build Storage Around Your Tub

If you have the budget to add a custom element, building storage around your tub might be the perfect space-saving solution for your space. This surround provides a ton of additional storage and is completely invisible if you don’t know to look for it. You can store extra supplies, bath essentials or even cleaning supplies.

It's Time to Get Creative

If you lack counter space in your tiny bathroom, try creating some hanging storage. This pot doubles as some additional storage for smaller items such as makeup or hair supplies. If you have enough space, you could even hang several pots in a small grouping.

Ditch Shelving for a Ladder

Over-the-toilet storage is not known for being particularly chic. However, using a ladder is a stylish way to add some additional storage space for towels or magazines. A narrow, wood ladder would work well leaning against your wall, and you can easily remove the bottom few rungs so that it fits properly.

Use Baskets to Store Extra Items

While typical bathroom shelves and a cart are a fine solution, you can also use other items, such as baskets, to warm up your space a bit. Baskets are a great solution to store laundry, extra rolls of paper towels, magazines or even extra bathroom supplies.

Try a Rug Instead of a Bath Mat

Another great way to add some personality to your space is to use a small rug instead of a standard bath mat. A flat-weave rug would work best for a bathroom. (You definitely don’t want anything shaggy as it will absorb too much water.) Don’t forget to choose a rug that feels good under your bare feet!

Say "Yes" to Wallpaper

Small spaces are always a great place to start if you've been itching to experiment with wallpaper, and bathrooms are no exception. Wallpaper can help you add some color, texture or pattern to your tiny bathroom. And if you choose an economical wallpaper, it can often be less expensive than tile.

Choose a Vanity With Storage

Choosing a vanity with storage is often a clever way to stretch your space as much as possible in a small bathroom. If you can find something with closed storage, you’ll have a spot to hide away items such as hair dryers, cleaning supplies or anything else you’d like to keep out of view.

Add a Gallery Wall

An easy way to spiff up a small bathroom that you don’t want to do any major renovations in is to add some artwork. You can create a ton of visual interest by adding a gallery wall with your favorite pieces of artwork. If you need some inspiration about which pieces to include, try keeping a theme. You could do a family photo theme, an ode to your favorite city or even use pieces of your favorite wallpaper.

Find Narrow Storage Pieces

When looking for storage solutions for an itsy-bitsy bathroom, try to find pieces that are a bit more narrow. Standard storage pieces are often not sized for a tiny bathroom, so it’s worth it to measure your space and try to find a solution that works with your specifications.

Experiment With Pops of Color

If you have an all white or mostly white bathroom, try adding some fun pops of color to your space, like these bright yellow shelves. Other easy ways to add color include: artwork, colorful accessories or even some patterned towels. A bright shower curtain is always a great solution, too.

Dark + Moody Works, Too

If bright colors are not your thing, you can also go dark and moody in a bathroom for a more dramatic look. This eclectic bath goes all in on the dark and moody vibe by painting the walls and doors black and pairing it with a darker wood trim. Colors really pop against the black backdrop, and the worldly touches and accessories really help the space stand out.

20 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Break the Rules

"Powder rooms are usually where I really go all out, break all the rules and use materials that might look 'over the top' in larger spaces," says interior designer Melissa Miranda. Dark colors or bold patterns, like this graphic lattice wallpaper, add dimension and a bit of fun. Design by Jennifer Jones

Go Big

An advantage of small bathrooms? Smaller prices. "Since the space is usually so small, you can get away with using higher priced materials as you need so little of them," says interior designer Melissa Miranda. Designer Shelly Reihl David paired a hand-carved marble sink with a modern metallic damask wall covering, gold gilded mirror and amber crystal wall sconces to create this impactful space.

From: Shelly Riehl David

Make Built-In Storage Part of the Design

Design blogger Layla Palmer maximizes the storage space in her small bathroom with a custom floor-to-ceiling built-in shelf for storing bath-time necessities.

©Layla Palmer

Kick Up the Color

As this 6-foot-by-7-foot Atlanta bathroom demonstrates, sometimes bold color is all you need to make a big statement. Although this space receives no natural light, the bold kelly green walls give it fresh personality. The ultra-white floor and wainscoting counterbalance the green's intensity.

Give an Illusion With Glass

Glass shower enclosures give the illusion of space in a small bathroom by allowing you to see from one end of the room to the other. Design by Sarah Richardson

Indulge Your Vanity

The vanity is typically the only piece of furniture in a small bath so it should make a big impact. Furniture-style vanities have been popular for quite a while and this timeless look is still going strong. There are many pre-made versions available or you can make your own with basic woodworking skills and an old buffet or dresser. Our step-by-step instructions will show you how.  

Choose Small-Scale Fixtures

In this urban bathroom, designer Vern Yip selected compact, sculptural fixtures to maximize floor space and match the apartment's streamlined vibe.  

Photo By: EP

Bring On the Charm

Wood paneling and a chair rail add formality to this charming powder room. Design by Thomas A. Conway

Go for a Saturated Shade

Small bathrooms or powder rooms are a great place to try ultra-dark shades you might be scared to use elsewhere. "I had a lot of natural light in the powder room so I didn't hesitate in choosing black as the main color," says designer Melissa Miranda. Miranda chose ceiling-reaching "Woods" wallpaper from Cole & Sons to emphasize the height of the room.

Add Floating Storage

In this small bathroom designed by Jordan Iverson, a floating vanity takes up less visual space without compromising style. A pocket door, instead of a standard swinging door, lends privacy to the bathroom while freeing up floor space.

Make Organizing Fun

Make stashing your stuff a little more fun by adding an unexpected splash of color to the inside of your vanity using paint or just a brightly colored adhesive paper.

Declutter Countertops

Store makeup, prescription items and any personal grooming tools out of sight. Style your countertop with fresh flowers and sweet-smelling lotion or soap.  

Add Spa-Style Extras

Luxury can be found even in a small space. This bathroom has just a standard-sized tub, but the tile, oversized shower head and accessories turn it into a retreat.

Photo By: Brandon Barre; brandonbarre.com

Try Open Shelving

Floating shelves provide storage space for style-boosting accesories and bath necessities while making the room appear bigger by allowing you to see all the way to the wall.

DIY Your Way to a Fresh Look

No matter how small your bath, gutting and replacing fixtures is an expensive undertaking. Save money by updating what you can yourself. Here, design blogger Layla Palmer gave a builder-basic vanity a trendy cottage-style update with a quart of gray paint and a little distressing with sandpaper.  

Add Color With Accessories

Even a minimal splash of color in a small space will add a big dose of fun. Stick to a soft neutral or white color palette for the walls and fixtures to maximize light then mix in just the right amount of color with the shower curtain, towels or accessories.  

Put It on a Pedestal

In this bright and cheery basement bathroom, designed by Sarah Richardson, a classic pedestal sink creates the illusion of extra square footage while a bright-white palette keeps the teeny-tiny space from feeling cramped.  

Skirt the Issue

Pedestal sinks are ideal for tight spaces but often show exposed plumbing and offer no hidden storage. An easy-to-sew sink skirt will solve both problems, providing style and function to a bathroom. Learn how to whip one up with our step-by-step instructions.  

Add Style Underfoot

The lack of square footage is a good thing when it comes to purchasing new flooring. Even a pricey pick, like this black, gray and white marble hexagonal tile, won't set your budget back too much.  

Change the Floor Plan

A cramped floor plan and outdated finishes prompted the remodel of this small master bathroom. Relocating the toilet to the rear wall and adding a wall-mounted sink maximizes the space. The glass mosaic tile feature wall adds movement and draws attention to the high ceilings and skylight. Design by Jennifer Jones

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