13 Ways to Take the Bold Tile Trend Throughout Your Home

Go bold, or go home.

There's a definite trend emerging in the world of tile and stone over the past few years. On all fronts — pattern, color and design — tiles are getting downright sassy. We're seeing this trend take shape across all types of homes and design styles and in a variety of different spaces.

If you've been thinking of making a bold move with your backsplash or flooring, now's the time to jump in and go for it. Take a look:


A great way to dip your toe into the world of bold tilework is to choose a more traditional shape or style, then go for a bright, unexpected color. In this design by Meg Caswell, teal works well with the white to ensure that it’s not too overpowering in the space, while still providing a unique splash of color.



The kitchen and sun-room in Katie and Michael Wunderlich's home in Elmhurst, Illinois, after Design Star winner and Host Meg Caswell 's redesign, as seen on HGTV's Great Rooms, season 2 .

Photo by: Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images

Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images

You don’t have to go with a bright color in order to embrace the bold tile trend. In this design by Jill Thomas, the patterned tile uses a muted shade of gray to pair with the white cabinetry. The tile still manages to add texture and interest to the space while keeping a much simpler color palette.

Graphic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Graphic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

A graphic gray and white tile backsplash is the perfect complement for the crisp white cabinets and solid white countertops in this updated kitchen by Pure Design Interiors.

From: Pure Design Interiors

Photo by: Pure Design Interiors

Pure Design Interiors

In this kitchen by DiFabion Remodeling, traditional tile shapes in shades of black, gray and white are used to create an abstract, intersecting-lined backsplash pattern.

Custom Black & White Kitchen Backsplash

Custom Black & White Kitchen Backsplash

The custom black and white backsplash creates an interesting backdrop in this transitional kitchen with all-black cabinetry. A sleek chimney-style range hood is featured between the cabinets.

Photo by: DiFabion Remodeling

DiFabion Remodeling

Another option for a bold tile look is to choose a tile with a metallic sheen. Here, the bold pattern is highlighted with a metallic silver sheen that allows it stand out even more.

Gray and White Chef's Kitchen With Dot Backsplash

Gray and White Chef's Kitchen With Dot Backsplash

Professional-grade stove? Check. Espresso machine? Check. Plenty of storage? Check. This gourmet gray and white kitchen has all the amenities, and we especially love the whimsical polka dot backsplash.


This gorgeous zig-zag tile accent wall makes quite a statement in a small powder room like this one by Griffith Interior Design. Using neutral brown, white and gold tiles helps to create this show-stopping effect.

Contemporary Powder Room With Zigzag Patterned Backsplash

Contemporary Powder Room With Zigzag Patterned Backsplash

This powder room features an eye-catching backsplash with a brown and neutral zigzag designed. A contemporary vanity with a neutral stone countertop and stainless steel sink is positioned in front of the backsplash, while glass enclosed sconces hang on either side.

From: Griffith Interior Design LLC

Photo by: Emily Redfield Photography

Emily Redfield Photography

Here’s an example of how you can use tile in your bathroom to create an art-inspired scene in your space. These beautiful cherry blossoms spread across the back wall to create a unique and elegant effect.

Mosaic Tile Bathroom

Mosaic Tile Bathroom

This bathroom to includes a steam shower, large tub and double-sink vanity. The custom cherry blossom tile mosaic is from Ann Sacks and makes the bathroom feel unique and luxurious. Because the mosaic was an expensive addition, simple, inexpensive tiles were selected for all other areas of the bathroom to avoid breaking the bank

You can use your tile in "chunks" throughout your space, then mix it in with more traditional tile in other spots. This means the bolder pattern will feel a bit less overwhelming and help to create areas of focus in your bathroom. Design by Jennifer Mehditash

Blue Bathroom With Moroccan Flair

Blue Bathroom With Moroccan Flair

The custom cement tiles in this blue bathroom give it Moroccan flair. Mirror strips on either side of the back wall add a little extra visual depth to the small space.

Photo by: Jennifer Mehditash

Jennifer Mehditash

If you’re ready to go all in and embrace the bold tile trend, you might want to consider creating a space like this one by Popham Design. Here, we can see how stunning it looks to use one tile throughout your entire bathroom by taking it from the floor right up to the ceiling.


Bold tile often makes use of more traditional patterns. The chic laundry room from HGTV Urban Oasis 2016 uses a black-and-white patterned tile on the walls and pairs it with a light wood floor. The space feels fresh and unique, but also has a bit of a vintage vibe to it.

Washable Tile

Washable Tile

The laundry room has floor-to-ceiling wall tiles with a graphic pattern that recalls antique ironwork and on first glance looks like wallpaper, but offers the benefit of a completely washable surface for this task space. A locally sourced basket offers a stylish way to transport clothes to and from the laundry room.

Photo by: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography

Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography

Here’s another great example of a tile combo that uses more traditional shapes but mixes them up with various colors in one particular palette. Black, gray, white and beige hexagonal tiles cover the floor in this laundry room and all work together to create a daring look in the space. Design by Angelica Henry Design

Rustic Laundry Room With Hexagon Tile Floor

Rustic Laundry Room With Hexagon Tile Floor

This laundry room contains a work area, a pet retreat, laundry equipment and storage space. Mismatched hexagon tiles accent the aged wooden cabinets and white washer and dryer.

Photo by: Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.


If you have steps either in front of or behind your house, this tiling technique could be the perfect solution for you. Choose a fun, bold pattern, then use it to cover the front of your steps like designer Donna Puzifera did here. You can create even more interest by alternating the direction of the tile and switching between facing the triangles up and down.

Welcoming Oceanside Entryway

Welcoming Oceanside Entryway

Guests are greeted the moment they reach the entry stairs with colorful zigzag step tiles that play off of the blue trim of the house. The custom Dutch door, flanked by a pair of oversized wall lanterns, creates the opportunity to open up the top half allowing in the cool ocean breeze.

Photo by: Tara Blaska Photography

Tara Blaska Photography

Many of the bright tiles we’re seeing are often inspired by the style of colorful tiles used so often in Moroccan homes. This outdoor kitchen by designer Sandra Espinet fully embraced that look by using two different patterned tiles in the same color family on the walls and counters of this outdoor space. Even though both patterns are quite bold, they still manage to look beautiful paired together.

Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen with Blue Spanish Tiles

Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen with Blue Spanish Tiles

This vibrant outdoor kitchen features all-over aquamarine and royal blue Spanish tiles, giving the space a true Mediterranean vibe. Detailed wood accents, like the curved design that frames one of two stainless steel grills, give the area a finished look.

Cement tiles are another trend that has blown up over the last few years. They're a great choice for an outdoor space like this one by designlovefest's Bri Emery, as they're pretty hardy and able to withstand outdoor conditions.

Clever Tile Backsplash Designs

See All Photos

HGTV Magazine asked five pros to put their stamp on a backsplash. Take a look at the creative tile designs they put together.

The HGTV Star Backsplash Challenge

Got a backsplash that’s dull as dishwater? Give it pizzazz with these inventive and fun tile designs from some familiar HGTV faces.

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Yellow and White Ceramic Subway Tiles, Tiffany Brooks

“Subway tiles have gone way beyond standard white,” says Tiffany. “In bright, grab-the-sunglasses yellow, they’ll instantly happy up a kitchen. Setting them on an angle gives them even more energy.” Tiles: 3" x 6" glossy subway tiles in yellow, $1 each, store.missionstonetile.com; American Olean Starting Line 3" x 6" gloss ceramic wall tiles in white, $0.50 each, lowes.com

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Quick Tip

Stockpile some extra tiles in case you need to do repairs later on—otherwise the colors may not match.

Photo By: Scripps Networks

Blue-and-White Cement Tiles, Emily Henderson

“These richly colored cement tiles have beautiful, subtle variations,” says Emily. “Have them laid as close together as possible so the overall pattern looks seamless. I love how the exotic motif gives any kitchen a casual, I'm-on-vacation vibe.” Tiles: Fez 8" x 8" tiles in blue and white, $7 each, granadatile.com

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Quick Tip

Make sure your installer pretreats cement tiles with acrylic sealer — otherwise they’ll absorb grout and stain.

Black and White Ceramic Tiles, Jillian Harris

“To update a classic combo, I mixed extra-large white subway tiles with skinny black accent tiles,” says Jillian. “Some of the black tiles are installed horizontally right above the counter, and the others are trimmed and installed vertically. I love how the braided rope detail on them juts out from the wall a bit—the 3-D effect is so fresh.” Tiles: Daltile Modern Dimensions 4 1/4" x 12" gloss ceramic tiles in arctic white, $110 for a set of 28, and Daltile 1/2" x 6" semigloss ceramic rope accent tiles in black, $1 each, both homedepot.com

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Quick Tip

Get creative when you're shopping: These white tiles are meant for a baseboard but we love them on a backsplash.

Green, White, and Blue Porcelain Penny Tiles, David Bromstad

“For a backsplash with attitude, make your own pattern with mesh-backed penny tiles,” David says. “Here I cut a sheet of green penny tiles and a sheet of multicolored penny tiles into strips of two different widths, then alternated them. The final result? A totally one-of-a-kind creation.” Tiles: ModDotz porcelain round penny tiles in key lime and Pacifica, $13 for each sheet of 224, modwalls.com

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Quick Tip

You can cut mesh-backed penny tiles with household scissors — no special equipment required.

White Porcelain Tiles With Tangerine Grout, Sabrina Soto

“I wanted to highlight the curves of these lantern-shape tiles, but they were barely noticeable against white grout,” says Sabrina. “With an orange-tinted grout sealer? Gorgeous! Ask your installer to space the tiles an eighth of an inch apart, about double the standard width, to show it off.” Tiles: SomerTile Morocco Provenzale 8" x 8" porcelain floor and wall tiles in white, $77 for a set of 16, overstock.com Grout sealer: Color seal kit in sedona by Hydroment, $30 for 8 ounces, groutshields.com

Photo By: Alison Gootee

Quick Tip

Grouts and sealers come in a range of stock colors, but specialty companies can customize a shade to match a paint, wallpaper, or fabric.

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