9 No-Fail Ways to Keep Your Makeup Organized

Ready to tame your makeup mess? Check out these major organization wins.
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If your bathroom counter is looking like a war zone in the morning, it might be time to get serious about organization. And a great place to start is with your makeup collection.

Makeup is a challenge when it comes to organizing as you're dealing with so many objects of different shapes and sizes that all need to be contained. And depending on the size of your makeup collection as well as the size of your space, you’ll have a variety of different options for storage.

Photo by: Photo: Severija Kirilovaite/Getty Images | Graphic: Erica Reitman

Photo: Severija Kirilovaite/Getty Images | Graphic: Erica Reitman

We want to help you wrangle the clutter, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite makeup organizing tools to use in your bathroom, on your dresser or on top of your vanity.

Over-the-Door Vanity Station

When you’re short on counter space, an over-the-door storage option like this vanity station is a perfect choice. This can be hung over your bathroom door or even over a closet door. The larger section on the bottom can be used for bigger items, while smaller bottles, compacts or lipsticks can sit in the top two sections.

Get It: Vanity Station, Pottery Barn, $89

Brush Holder

If you have a lot of makeup brushes, you need an easy solution for storing them all when they’re not in use. An acrylic holder with different sections allows you to separate your brushes by function while still keeping them all easily accessible.

Get It: CosmoCube Brush Holder, Sephora, $40

Nail Polish Riser

This organizer is a perfect option for nail polish junkies. There’s enough room to store up to 40 bottles, and it fits polish from all of the major brands. The caddy is pretty enough to leave on display on your counter, so you can easily reach for any of your favorite hues whenever you want to quickly switch up your mani or pedi.

Get It: 40-Bottle Acrylic Nail Polish Riser, The Container Store, $17

Expandable Cosmetic Bag

Once you have your storage sorted at home, it’s nice to have a good makeup storage option for when you travel. This flat cosmetic bag is a super easy solution to use on quick trips. There is enough room for your everyday makeup as well as a few brushes, too.

Get It: Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag, Amazon, $26

Mini Get-Ready Stand

If you don’t have enough room in your bathroom or bedroom to set up your makeup, you might want to consider a portable stand. The wheels and attached mirror allow you move the stand around to wherever you have space in your home. This is great solution for anyone who might have a roommate, or a college student living in a dorm.

Get It: Get-Ready Stand, PBteen, $139

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Cosmetic Organizer Box

This large makeup organizer could easily fit your entire collection. When open, there are individual sections for all of the different types of makeup you might have, allowing you to easily separate everything. But you can also close up your box, hiding the makeup and keeping your space looking neat.

Get It: Lori Greiner Cosmetic Organizer Box, Bed Bath & Beyond, $99

Rotating Organizer

This rotating organizer spins around 360 degrees, providing easy access to your entire makeup collection in one spot. There is room for brushes, nail polish, palettes and even larger skincare items or perfumes.

Get It: Glam Caddy Rotating Cosmetic Organizer, Bed Bath & Beyond, $29

Drawer Insert Tray

If you prefer to keep all of your makeup tucked away, you might want to consider an insert tray for your bathroom drawer. Depending on how much drawer space you have, you could even purchase several of these to keep across all of your available drawers. You could then use the divided sections to separate all of your makeup and keep it neatly organized in the drawer.

Wall Organizer

This wall-mounted shelf option is another good choice if you're short on counter space. There are special sections to store your hairdryer and curling iron and additional storage for bottles, makeup and other supplies. There is even a built-in drawer for any items that you want to keep tucked away.

Get It: Bath Wall Organizer, Through the Country Door, $59

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