Wall-Hanging Chalkboard Desk

Give kids a chalkboard and desk without taking up space!

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Project by Barbara Smith from Leesburg, Va.

Barbara started making her wall-hanging desks when she realized her son’s room had no space for a traditional desk. In this project, she makes a wall-hanging desk with a chalkboard. When it is closed, it looks like a princess house wall decoration (for a young girl's room), and when it is open, it is a desktop with a chalkboard.


1/4" board primed plywood
3/4" x 1-1/2" x 12' board (or two 6' boards)
3/4" plywood board (at least 3' x 1-1/2')
30" or less piano hinge
chalkboard paint
3 or 4 shingles
window sash latch
4' + small chain
4 eyes from hook-and-eyes
3/4" long wood screws (14)
hot glue gun
circular saw
drill with screwdriver bit
straight edge
heavy-duty scissors
sand paper


1. Draw house shape using straight edge on 1/4-inch plywood. Make sure bottom corners are right angles. The pitch of the roof is whatever looks good.

2. Cut plywood with circular saw.

3. Paint layer of chalkboard paint on bottom part of plywood and let dry.

4. Cut two pieces of 3/4" x 1-1/2" trim to 30 inches long.

5. Glue one along top of chalkboard area (flush with edge) and one along bottom of chalkboard area (flush with edge).

6. Turn project over and screw wood screws from back side into front trim pieces--4 screws in each--spaced evenly apart.

7. Screw an eye into each end of top trim piece.

8. Lay 3/4" x 1-1/2" trim on edge on plywood along roof's edge hanging below trim piece and mark at peak to cut, one on each side.

9. Glue into place on plywood flush with roof’s edges.

10. Turn project over. Screw wood screws into roof trim from back, three screws on each side, evenly spaced.

11. Cut the desktop: Cut 3/4-inch plywood to fit between trim pieces on top and bottom of chalkboard area. Leave 1/4 inch between trim piece and plywood at top and bottom (18" x 30").

12. Attach piano hinge to bottom edge of desktop (with screws included).

13. Set desktop in place (on top of chalkboard area) and attach the other side of piano hinge to bottom trim piece.

14. Attach 1 eye on each side (edge) of desktop about 1 inch from top. Cut chain into two equal pieces.

15. Open desktop. Attach chain from eye in top trim and eye in desktop. The chain needs to be the proper length to make desktop level when open. Check for levelness with pencil; if it rolls off the desk, it’s not level.

16. Repeat for other side, making sure both chains have equal number of links.

17. With desktop closed, attach window latch on top trim in center and top of the desktop in center, so that they lock together.

18. Cut shingles in 2" x 5" pieces using heavy-duty scissors.

19. Hot glue on rooftop from bottom to top, overlapping along the way.

20. Sand all rough areas.

21. Paint the whole thing a base color. Allow to dry.

22. Create details, drawing design by hand. Paint pens work well for details.

23. Drill two holes (for screws to attach to wall) through the top trim piece, 16 inches apart, and repeat in the exact spot for bottom trim.

E-mail: Barbarajeansmith@msn.com

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