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  • HDGEN-311UH
    Jennifer and Ruben live in a charming 1920's house with their two twin boys, but they have put off renovating their tired master bedroom suite because its odd configuration has left them clueless. Jennifer has a chronic condition that can o

  • HDGEN-403H
    Trevor and Gerthy have a weird master bathroom. It's more like two small rooms, one with a shower and another one with a tub. It's completely impractical and lacking in style ? but Genevieve has a plan. Inspired by Turkish bathhouses, Ge

  • HDGEN-406H
    First- time homeowner. Christina, is stuck in design limbo and can't make any design decisions. Her Upper East Side living room still looks like it belongs in a rental unit and has color samples painted all over the walls. Designer Geneviev

  • HDGEN-502H
    Homeowners Meg and Keith do most of their work from the office space in their home. The room is tiny, there is only one desk, and exposed cords are everywhere. Not only do they have a limited amount of space, but they have two extremely d

  • HDGEN-409H
    First time homeowners Diana and Ray want to entertain in their new dream home, but their adjacent sitting room and dining rooms need help to get the party started. Designer Genevieve Gorder tackles the project with a 26-foot built in navy b

  • HDGEN-504H
    After their recent wedding, New York television personalities Jodi and Michael need to find a way to marry their two distinct styles. She's more Connecticut country, he's more urban modern. They've asked Genevieve to create a living and d

  • HDGEN-604H
    Jonathan and Maria are nearly finished renovating their 90-year-old home, but they have no idea how to tackle the largest hurdle: their super tiny, completely dysfunctional kitchen. Designer Genevieve Gorder lives in New York City, so she

  • HDGEN-603H
    After renovating every room in their 1920's home Tony and Mary have yet to redesign their master bedroom. It has the charm of an older home but suffers from a serious lack of storage and style. Designer Genevieve Gorder knows all about s

  • HDGEN-601H
    Jose and Nicole love the look of their 1930's Spanish style home from the outside. The inside is a different story. Their living room is a hodgepodge of 60's style with a dysfunctional layout. And let's not even talk about the furniture.

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Finally, all your design questions can be answered. Designer Genevieve Gorder offers down-to-earth advice to real people who have fallen out of love with their home. In each episode she delves into the gallery where viewers from have uploaded their design issues. Instead of just writing back with a suggestion, Genevieve provides the answer — in person. Ultimately, with creative solutions and design ideas, she will help homeowners fall back in love with their home!

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