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  • HDGEN-508H
    Stacey and Diane have run out of ideas on what to do with their small, lower Manhattan apartment. The living area has to function as a work space for Diane, a place to hang out for Stacey, and a dining room as well. On top of the lack of

  • HDGEN-511H
    Rob and Amy are living in their first home and they have never been part of a renovation, but that's about to change. The master bath is small, poorly designed, and in desperate need of a facelift. Amy and Rob want to get rid of the blue

  • HDGEN-513H
    Homeowners Mark and Erica are in the process of renovating a brownstone home and the entire space is a construction site. Now that the major work is done, they're ready to start on the first room to be designed - the kitchen. With two you

  • HDGEN-502H
    Homeowners Meg and Keith do most of their work from the office space in their home. The room is tiny, there is only one desk, and exposed cords are everywhere. Not only do they have a limited amount of space, but they have two extremely d

  • HDGEN-504H
    After their recent wedding, New York television personalities Jodi and Michael need to find a way to marry their two distinct styles. She's more Connecticut country, he's more urban modern. They've asked Genevieve to create a living and d

  • HDGEN-506H
    After years on tour, Betsey is ready to spend some time at home. She's bought her first apartment, but the living room is populated by hand-me-down furniture that feels awkward and poorly arranged. Betsey might be a performer on Broadway,

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Finally, all your design questions can be answered. Designer Genevieve Gorder offers down-to-earth advice to real people who have fallen out of love with their home. In each episode she delves into the gallery where viewers from have uploaded their design issues. Instead of just writing back with a suggestion, Genevieve provides the answer — in person. Ultimately, with creative solutions and design ideas, she will help homeowners fall back in love with their home!

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