Designer Genevieve Gorder Updates A Small Family Bathroom In A Newlyweds' Home

Episode HDGEN-306

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Matt and Sara are newlyweds who live in a charming Cape style home. But their dreary bathroom is an eyesore and can be seen from the living room. Designer Genevieve Gorder is called in to work with a tight budget and work some magic with her team. As demolition begins, the toilet is in the front yard, 15 people are in their home, Matt and Sara are overwhelmed by the chaos. Money starts to run out. Genevieve shops at a prop shop to find and re purpose the perfect vanity (and yes, it was seen on a famous TV show with a character named Carrie!) Matt and Sara are feeling unsettled, the team is tight on time, and the project is low on money. Genevieve stops by with a little comfort, her homemade squash soup.