Creating a Multi-purpose Romantic Bedroom

Episode HDGEN-308UH

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Nnekka and Levee have transformed their fixer upper into a beautiful home. But when it comes to their master bedroom they are clueless. Still sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the guest room, Genevieve is on the scene to move this couple back into their master bedroom once and for all. Inspired by the beautiful architectural moldings and neutral colors seen in the rest of the house, Genevieve's plan is to create two separate areas in the room where one is for sleeping and the other is for reading. The space will be articulated by a large arch that will span the ceiling. In addition, Genevieve introduces wallpaper as a design element in the room. Genevieve takes Nnekka and Levee on a shopping spree for a new bed, the centerpiece of the room. Tension mounts when the king sized bed arrives and does not fit through the queen sized door. Genevieve arrives with moral support in the nick of time as the team hits the finish line. Nnekka and Levee are overwhelmed by one of the most romantic and luxurious bedrooms of the season.