A Tiny Kitchen Gets An Update While Maintaining The Charm And Character

Episode HDGEN-307UH

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  • August 08, 2013

    7:30 AM e/p

Genevieve meets with Greg, David and little Lilly, a family who has inherited Greg's Nana's house and wants to preserve its charm. They need to update their kitchen while keeping Nana's spirit in the space - and space is certainly an issue. Gen and the guys devise a design that will open up the kitchen and update it in its function. Work gets underway quickly and demo is already done by the time Gen arrives to the site, which proves to be her tiniest kitchen ever! The wall comes down, and the team begins to get the plan in motion. Lead designer Jess is stressed about the shoestring budget while carpenter Jimmy wants to add more elements, but Gen is confident they can cook up a modern kitchen that will work for the little family in minimal space. Tensions mount as the tile order comes in wrong and the budget dwindles further and further, but the team presses on and the room comes together. Greg and David return and are thrilled with the outcome. The kitchen is modern, but still permeated with the sweetness of Nana and the couple could not be happier.