A Prized Victorian Mantelpiece Is Incorporated Into A Living Room Update

Episode HDGEN-304UH

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Designer Genevieve Gorder is called upon by homeowners Michelle and George to transform a tired, dark living room into a space that breathes life into the home. Genevieve's challenge is to make George and Michelle's Victorian-inspired style work with some fresh, contemporary design ideas. She also has to figure out how to incorporate George's prized mantelpiece into the space. Along with the design, Michelle has another wish for Genevieve: give her husband George a vacation! Though a carpenter by trade, George is tired of renovating. Michelle wants the living room of her dreams. George just wants a happy wife. George and Michelle love the direction Genevieve wants to bring them. But it's proving hard for George to put aside his foreman's instincts and stay out of the carpentry crew's way. George's meddling wears thin on Genevieve's team and sparks fly that threaten to derail the design.