A Basement is Transformed Into A Room the Whole Family Will Love and Use

Episode HDGEN-310UH

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Genevieve takes on Monica and Steve's wood paneled and drop ceilinged basement with a plan to make a bright, updated family playroom that will grow with their rambunctious kids. Genevieve is enthusiastic when she meets the couple and the space and undaunted in the face of all the challenges and the small budget. That is, until team members Jess and Thad clue Genevieve in that she is actually redoing two rooms in the basement. Undaunted still, she rolls up her sleeves and gets down to business. Painter Lance comes up with a sensible solution for the wood paneling while Thad takes care of the ceiling. Genevieve and the kids create cameo portraits as a personal touch to crown the finished room. She takes Monica and Steve to a lighting warehouse to pick out some lighting accents. Back at the space, the final pieces of furniture arrive as the project comes together. Concerns about completing the giant space on a small budget have dissolved as Genevieve reveals the room to the thrilled family.