The Home of a Fire Captain and his Young Family is Transformed With A $20,000 Curb Appeal Makeover

Episode CRB-2506H

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  • September 05, 2014

    10:00 AM e/p

Doug is a fire captain while April spends all of her spare time volunteering as an art teacher and room mother for her kids school. They have 3 active kids and 2 dogs. Time for yard work is limited. They know very little about gardening so every effort they have made to beautify the front has been based on things they think look pretty. They had no idea everything they have chosen required a lot of maintenance. Now they are left with out-of-control palms, dead roses, and dead grasses. If they could get a fresh start on a low-maintenance yard, they promise not to let it go the way it has been going for the last few years. They have also made some efforts on their own outside of the yard. You may notice the peachy-pink color on the facade. They wanted to spruce up the front with some color, but didn't have the funds for a professional painter to paint the whole house. They discovered they had left over paint from the bathroom, so they did it themselves. After it was up they realized not only is it an awful color for the front, it's also interior paint so very soon they will add "chipping ,weathered paint job" to the list of issues with their facade. They're in dire straights at this point and the entire block would be thrilled to see the Curb Appeal team come out to help this family fit in with the block!