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Episode CRB-2512H

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  • August 15, 2014

    9:00 AM e/p

Shane and Nicki Pace moved into their house 7 years ago when they were expecting our first child. Theywere SO excited and had SO MANY ideas for landscaping, gardening, making extra room, and planting. Then we had Tyler...and then Trinity...and then Tori...and then Trent. Now they are a family of 6 not a lot of time or money to finish those lofty plans they once had for their yard. Their son Trent also has a brain disorder and is legally blind, legally deaf, unable to hold his head up, sit, or stand. As it is now, their home does not have an accessible entryway. They have a large step and abig threshold to get over and that will be a problem when they are no longer able to carry Trent. Fortunately, John Gidding and his team are stepping in to help this deserving family create a home they can be proud of and one Trent can be comfortable in for many years to come.