Hardworking Police Detective Gets Much Needed Curb Appeal

Episode CRB-2502ZH

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Angelica Mendoza is an Oakland native who takes pride in protecting her community as a member of the Oakland police department. She is a homicide detective, a job that is both emotionally and physically draining, leaving her no time or energy to tackle all that needs to be done to the front of her house. For all the time and energy she spends on her community, Angelica feels it's a shame she can't do one favor for the rest of her block by making her home look as nice as the rest. She was drawn to this neighborhood because it is quiet and beautiful. Neighbors maintain their landscaping and keep up with their curb appeal; she would like to do the same, if not for her, but for her neighbors' sake. She did some work on the inside when she first moved in, but when she really looked at the front of her house - ideas escaped her. The one thing she has managed to keep alive is a tree her mother planted years ago. She would like to hang on to it, but even that is looking worse for wear these days. She needs the help of the Curb Appeal team to do their magic and help her to keep up with her block.